Monday, December 26, 2011

Gaga Robot

This isn't about pico sorry! My awesome friend ("Ciel Shieru")and I were on because we were bored, and I found a robot who sings!!! YES SINGS!!! We were singing Lady Gaga songs! Totally little monsters! P.S - the black ink is me, the blue is the robot. I actually didnt take a picture of one thing - the robot starting the song. It wrote "Ra ra ah ah ah" so I continued Lady Gaga's Bad Romance but didn't take a pic of that ra ra ah ah ah. BUT I have the part where I continued after the robot saying "roma ro ma-ma" LOL! Enjoy the song! P.P.S- Again, black ink = me and blue ink = robot

NOT OVER YET!!! After this post, ciel asked me to sing justin bieber and the robot sang back!!!! Here is just a little clip from it, remember me=black ink and robot=blue ink 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yes, we've all been through it. Thanks to our friends the Etoiles, we don't have to be that bored anymore. They have set up some games for us to play! Yay~~~~~~~~~~~ Or, when you've completed all the games, maybe click some of the guest writers' names, on pico perfect, and look what they have written. You can try to read old posts and stuff. Yay!

---FULL Credit To Etoiles For Games---


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My AMAZING wake up call

My previous post This Is My Life Let Me Live It was made to warn all my haters they needed to quit the bullying me! I checked Pico Perfect to find 11 comments waiting for me. At first. I thought "Oh great, more comments telling me to get a life, and to get out of Pico Perfect!" But, when I checked them I was fooled. only 3 out of 11 were negative! What I read sounded like angels SINGING! I want to RECOGNIZE everyone who stood up for me because, I appreciate it SOOO much words cannot explain!
Comment 1 posted by Anonymous;
Dear Maya,Please, DO NOT lose any sleep over silly people like this who obviously have nothing better to do with their time than harass you. Don't stop eating, don't cry, because that's what they want. They want to try to break you. All they're doing is proving how childish, immature, and yes to the comment above, how jealous they are. Please, just ignore them because this is ALL they have going for them. Tearing other people down for the sake of building themselves up. They are pathetic people with nothing else going on. You're better that that, and they know it. Just blow them off. Don't give them what they want by taking their crap to heart. Be strong, and be comforted by the fact that you're a better person than them. Hopefully, one day they will grow up and behave themselves. 'Til then, just take their bs with a grain of salt. They will eventually move on and if not, then they are just proving what a sad, little loser they really are. 

Comment 2 by RandomPanda.;
To the two anonymous's above me, [Back] OFF! If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. No one wants YOU here. If you don't like what she writes then go do something else instead of tearing her down. Love you're posts..except for these last few with all the bullying :( Its not right \: 
Thanks Random Panda, (sorry for the wordage change) GOD BLESS YOU! <33333

Comment 3 by Pico Perfect Fan =) ;
This is for the Pico Perfect jealous haters: You don't even know who she is! Have you even met her in real life? I know you're just jealous because she has alot of fans/subscribers! Imagine it, Anonymous, 1/2 that you are the owner of this blog. And then, I am the hater and I said such horrible things to you. Imagine it? It hurts, right? I believe that you will have the same things. Bounce to you! Hope you both change. For the owner of this blog: Leave them, but do report them. They are just jealous because you are a kind person. Don't feel judged about them, for they don't even know who they are! They don't know that they are even existing! =) 

Comment 4 by Anonymous,
You know Maya, They are just haters and haters means they are jealous of you because u have something, You know Maya if i were u i will just ignore their messages and go on w/ my life, TELL ALL UR HATERS THAT U CAN GO ON W/ UR LIFE EVEN IF THEY HATE YOU, if you stop messaging them they will stop too because they are too tired posting hate messages to you.  
 People like this, Change my life! THANKS SOOOO  MUCH. <333333333

Comment 5 by Anonymous,
 And for those people who keeps on teasing her,
Is this continued??? Anyways, THANKS SOO MUCH!!! <33333333

comment 6 by Rin Kagamine~
 you know what ? i hate haters who still dun know how to learn. if u still dun change, u will be reported to the police . idc [i don't care] why u losers dun get a life ;D

Rin Kagamine
I hate haters who hate and show everyone that they hate too! THANKS SOOO MUCH!! <33333

Comment 7 by Anonymous,
 i cry almost everyday when i see you post  
Ahhh Please don't cry, It takes a true person to tell other people they cry! I'm sorry I've caused you sorrow! It makes me sad knowing other people are sad! Thank-you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! <333333

Comments 8 by Azuka,  
Maya,Please eat properly.I know you got haters because haters are bringing you down,cause they are jealous!my message to those haters out there
"DON'T TEASE MAYA NOR BULLY HER" it's not right anymore Maya. just make your life a wonderful life and then eat properly don't cry Maya, cause if you do your fans will be sad too.PLEASE EAT PROPERLY MAYA SO WE ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT YOU ! <3

WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 -from all fans
I will start eating properly again! I PROMISE! Thank-you for the msg. to the haters, I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm truly grateful for people like you! And I love all my fans too! <333333333

After I got on Pico Perfect I got onto my Pico account and I'd like to give a VERY SPECIAL shout-out! This girl's letter was beautiful and sent happiness flying through my body. Thanks a TON ╰☆╮  туяα ╰☆╮
I will take your advice and I will keep writing! I Hope you add me someday because that would be MY HONOR! You are a beautiful girl! Everyone who's been spoken about today are ANGELS from heaven! They've changed me and I will never EVER EVER forget what they've done! God Bless you all !!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 
WRITTEN BY: Mαⓨα ♛§мíℓǝⓩ

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hacked Appreciation Week

---just re-posting--- :)

Lets start appreciating those who got hacked from Dec 12 to Dec 19. Please watch the video below for more info. Remember the memories that were shared with yur pico friends. And my best friend in real life - I miss you on pico. Hope you come back one day <3

Here Is The LINK To The Video:

Link To Video :D

Sorry the song didn't come out. It's a glitch :( But if you want the song that went with it. OMG I was writing this and just reloaded my video and it worked!!! OMG YAYYYY :D

Monday, December 12, 2011

This Is My Life, Let me Live It!

Everyone has their own life, Everyone acts the way they want to act! No one, has any right, to judge ANYONE! Bullying-harassing and hurting because of NO reason or thoughts someone else has for you! That's what's happened to me! People are bullying me EVERYDAY! Every time I log in I have AT LEAST 4 letters of unwanted bullying! I'm putting my foot down! Anymore of this on Pico, I WILL report, anything on blogger, I WILL print out! I WILL contact the police and I WILL report it to blogger as abuse! You will VERY easily be tracked down and charged for harassment! NO MORE!!!! I'm DONE! You don't even know me and you found a way to take what you had and HATE me from it! You don't like my writings, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHAT U HAVE TO SAY IF ITS JUST GONNA BE..."Maya, get a life, no one cares about you, your stupid " I HEAR IT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! Don't believe me? Well when you can't Vistit Pico Perfect anymore, remember what you said, one day you get on Pico and you get a letter saying that you have been removed, remember what you did to me!!! If you ARE going to bully me, GET TO KNOW ME IN REAL AND FIND SOMETHING THERE INSTEAD OF BEING A JEALOUS LITTLE MANIAC ON MY WRITINGS! For HEAVENS sake, Its Christmas, when everyone is happy, but no, not for me! I've lost 5lb. because I DON'T eat, I cry almost EVERYDAY!!! So, I'm putting an end to this! ITS OVER FOR YOU BULLYING ME NOW!!!!!

Hacked Appreciation Week

Lets start appreciating those who got hacked from Dec 12 to Dec 19. Please watch the video below for more info. Remember the memories that were shared with yur pico friends. And my best friend in real life - I miss you on pico. Hope you come back one day <3

Here Is The LINK To The Video:

Link To Video :D

Sorry the song didn't come out. It's a glitch :( But if you want the song that went with it. OMG I was writing this and just reloaded my video and it worked!!! OMG YAYYYY :D


I can't type, can't walk, can't ANYTHING. It all hurts. Sunburn :( But I Still Try <3 Before I begin, I'd like to refer to my earlier article - No Idea For A Title is not a fight. I'm just saying Maya is accusing me of something I'd never do. Anyways, this will be a short little article. :)

So, yesterday (since I brought MY MacBook I had to share with my mom) my mom went on the computer first. Some smart person in the hotel had charged her $350 for no reason, so we called the company and my mom was on the computer for an hour. After she finished, we went to the pool for another hour. But, when we came back, my internet wasn't working!!! >:O Turns out, the internet wasn't working for anyone. Since our hotels owns like this little "market place" with a bunch of stores all together that belong to the hotel, we went to Starbucks for internet. Even better, the little "market place" that our hotel owns uses the same wifi company, so the internet was down there too. We heard some stories about why the internet was down:
1) Some smart person spilled some water on the main generator
2) Power outage
3) Too lazy to do a special job to keep the generator going, so it shut off.

Lucky for us, it was fixed today!!! Yayyyyy!

P.P.S- Sweets* posted about Bam ringing her room every day. I would like to thank him as well, for ringing my room everyday. He must really love ringing! :) I would also like to thank Ashley Dicky (sadly an ex-friend) and my pico brother Dєmσn۝Shane and my pico daughter аpple who is very mad with my pico hubby for spamming her message board :P


Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Holiday's Spirit

                                               This is the season for gifts....YAY!!!
                      But can anyone tell me what the true meaning for Christmas is?
                    Is it really gifts and Santa Claus what makes the holidays so special?

~ I v y and ̶Rootbeer ☆ 晴子 from Japan

Christ is the reason for the season!
This is a time for love, peace and faith.

FluffyFloFrapp from The Virgin Island

Great Gift ideas for your Pico friends and family
renee_k and ღ∂єѕιяє' м нღ™ from USA

And the gift I want from you all
can you guess what it is?
If you know me well,
you will know the answer <3

Thanks Bam

Bam's Room
from Japan

Thanks Bam for always and I mean always ringing my room.
Super love you <333

Christmas Pico!!!!

So, as I said in one of my previous posts, I've never been on Pico during Christmas so I'm siked! First of all, the new gacha park, is literally A ROOM FULL OF "EXTINCT" GACHA!!!! When I say extinct I mean gacha's from parks that no longer are found in pico! In the gacha room they have gachas from; (*=they're still in pico)

  • Pink and Blue Chess
  • Royal Chess
  • Oldies Gacha*
  • Arabian Gacha*
  • Antique French Gacha
  • Edo Vivid Gacha*
  • Panda Gacha*
  • Cat Music Gacha*
  • Music Gacha*
  • Military Gacha
  • Ballerina Gacha*
  • Pool Party Gacha*
  • Fronteir Chacha*

Now, before I leave, I want to say somethings to a few of my "commentors." Just because you keep yappin your trapper and think I can't write diddly squat, doesn't mean A THING to me! I surround myself with supportive people (with an exception of 1) who keep my head held high, dish out things to help me ignore those LOUSY comments. So, you can bully me, offend sweets*, and offend Gab as MUCH as you want! But, I can garuntee that I WILL keep writing, I've returned there's nothing you can do about it! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So, quit trying to get rid of me Its over, I'm back, I'm staying. You're not doing anything except puttin us writers in complete awe on how rude you are, and I bet that if you keep it up, Sweets* will get her bark out and eventually, you're not going to be able to write anymore, take that as a warning! And leave me alone, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR NEGATIVITEY (feel free to take that offensively)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


emain Blessed 
y Beautiful People
  Be thankful for this beautiful day that was created especially for you
     Is a day to give ree ugs to every one you see
This includes your pets
and please
don't forget

Discrimination Poem

Here is a little poem I made up. Over my break I became very interested in poetry so please give me some input on it!

Your Breathing. The noise you make.
 Its seems to have such an impact on people.
I gather my courage and stand out in front.
 When I  speak. I'm laughed at.
I hear people call me things but something sticks out"Get the runt off the stage"

Thats what I'm considered. A runt.
 I'm older now but, I still remember the day I stood in front. 
It was a horrible day.
When I got home my mom told me to leave.She said to never return.
 And I gathered my few things I had and obeyed.

I sulked on the streets for days.
Crying silently, no one helps me. Why would they?
 I'm their stage runt.
I am soon found by an adoption center owner.

 I am taken there, but no ever takes me away. For I was stuck.

I wanted to leave but could not. 
Where would I go?
What would I do?
How would I live alone?

As I sit in my corner and cry I I fall asleep.
In my dreams these are the words I dream about:

I'm quiet. Unloved. Unwanted.
I've lost my war and gave up all hope.
Every time I try to do something, 

Every time I try to stand out, make my mark.Every time success has come to me.
Every time I try to do my best.Every second of my miserable life.......

I'm: unloved: unwanted: and Discriminated

A blessing is falling upon me now.
Death has set upon me in my corner.
I see a light.
Right out of the subway station.

I walk towards and when I reach the top. 
I feel my body falling off my soul.
My soul takes another step.

I look out across the lake of gold,
I see the mountains of silver!
This is the most beautiful land I've ever seen!
And now, its my home.

I am no longer..... Discriminated


So, I logged into my Pico account today and, nothing was loaded except the camera, no decor. no shop, no closet, no pets, no pocket, no gummies, no rings, etc. NOTHING! So, I had nothing better to do except sit in my unfinished bathroom bath.
Then everything JUST showed up......

Anyway lets get to things more interesting, this is my 1st year on Pico and I've never seen Christmas here, so I was SO excited when Christmas came out I spent all my gold, and didn't get a chance to shop at the new Reindeer shop! :( Sorry for the short writing I've got to go sledding with my neighbors! BYEE!

Dear Sweets

Dear喜美子 кιмιкσ™ from Japan,
I am glad to hear that I was able to help.
My children, Natalie and Josh, are wonderful good kids> I am the one that is very lucky and blessed to have them in my life.

Dear★★мïммï★мờяє★ from Haiti,
Sorry for the late reply :(
Developing an early detection plan is what is most advisable.
This includes self and clinical exams, and getting a mammogram every year.
Early detection saves lives.... remember that!
Love you <3

DearScarIett from Australia,
Thank you so much sweetie
Love you <3

Dear喜美子 кιмιкσ™ from Japan,
Thank you so much especially for remembering my furry little angel OREO <3

Dear☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆ from The Philippines,
and I did have a super wonderful birthday thanks to my family
my Pico and Second Life friends <3

Hellob00fus ♥ from USA,
Did you know that "boo" is how I usually say hi to my friends?
Boo, Boo, Boo to you Boo ;)

Hi๖ۣۜƉaяk๓ίץค from USA,
You won't have to miss me anymore.
 BACK <333

Thanks¢υτє єsρяєssσ~ from USA,
SuPeR LoVe YoU <3

OMGJαкε кυʟεт from Australia,
I Love You Too <3

Dearmσchαcaκεs♡ from USA,
what makes me sweet is the all the love I get from my wonderful Picos :)))
Love you sweetie <3

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yay, there's internet in Aruba!!! I'm having so much fun, and having a little lag because others are using the internet. Anyways, just saying the plane ride was great (thank god) and everything is fine. Greetings from Aruba!!!

PS- The Picture Above Look Familiar? It's from my "Greetings Italy" post. Yeah, to laggy and lazy to edit. :)

Early Bird Catches The Worm

OMG Why am I up so early? It's 5:49 am and I haven't slept all night. Wait don't I have school today? Yup, but not going.
I'm going on a vacation~ Today Yesterday (December 8th) I hoped on an hour long train from brooklyn to Manhattan and hopped on a bus that goes from Manhattan - Bosten. It was 4 hours. It DID have wifi, but it was slow and took ages to load. For 4 hours, I tried to sleep, but I really can't. Do I have bags under my eyes in the picture above? >:O
   Anyways, I'm sitting in a boston airport, waiting for my plane which arrives at 7 AM (it is currently about 6 am) and even better, we CAME to the airport at like....3AM because our bus was from about 10:30 pm to about 2:30 am, and we came early. Now my eyes are drooping and I keep "falling asleep" for a few seconds.
I want to write for you guys, and keep you updated, but im so sleepy!!! Thankfully, some weird Panda King keeps waking me up and yelling "Keep Writing!!!"

Wait, wait wait, lets back up the story to the interesting part. Yeah, me waiting for my plane isn't interesting. Actually, when I got here and turned on the airport's internet, it comes up to a web page. It's really cute -- here is the menu, get a good laugh -
24 Hours Of Wi-Fi For $7.95 USD
Watch A 30 Second Video For Free Unlimited Wi-Fi
Take A Short Survey For Free Unlimited Wi-Fi

Well, I don't know about you, but I chose the free one. I watched the video for 30 seconds and now I have unlimited wifi at this airport. I mean seriously, if you put a 30 second video for unlimited wifi, and a money order for only 24 hours of wifi... people are gonna choose the free one. Just saying ;) The wifi didn't work at first, and I kept begging the main computer until it did. Thankfully, I can tell you whats up now :)
Extra: Nooooooooo, don't leave yet!!! I still have to tell you what I'm doing today!!! My vacation, if they have wifi there, will be shared to you during the week. If not, then I'll tell you right now. Every year I go to Aruba (we have a timeshare) and spend time with all my animal friends. Usually, I take a New York airport (JFK Airport) but this year it was different ;    Brooklyn (my home) -----> Manhattan (bus station) ------> Boston (airport) -----> Aruba (vacation!!! But I'm waiting for my plane right now) So, just a warning if I'm not posting or online, go to Aruba and I'm there. Until I come back (or come to Aruba with wifi) Bye!   ~   Gab Laramie

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It Is my greatest honor to say "I'm back!' You got that right... Mαⓨα ♛§мíℓǝⓩ is back, and for the people who bully me and hate on me I have one thing to say, because of you I have that much more intention and desire to write! :D So, I guess I owe you people a thanks! Along with my new presence I'm adding a new person to my family that used to be a double! Introducing the all new my little Christmas baby, Mazzio the panda!
Double Trouble thats what I say!

Oh! Don't worry poppy! I still love you! 

Sorry for the short writing its a very busy night and I found the time to just cramp this one in! I also just wanted to let you all know I'm back! See everyone later!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Sweets


                  Thank You Ŕoyal Coconυт for the poem, Super Love you too <333
                                  I bet you are referring to my look from yesterday.

From Republic Of Korea
YAAAYYYY!!! You're dinosaur is fixed!! YEEEEEYEEEE!! sorry im overeacting! i only seen u once in my pico life! I want to see you again Sweets* Maybe because we are opposite time zone! Anyway myold name is кιкι♥ hope u remember me when i met u start to cry tears of joy! LOVE YOU SWEETS* !!!
oops! i just realise i made mistake in my last letter. u got new mac not fix ur dinosaur! anyway i still hope u can fix ur dinosaur someday! from Kimchi xoxo
Yesss, can you believe that?  Now I am truly armed and dangerous with my new Mac, so watch out world!!!
Hahaha, just kidding :P
and you'll be glad to hear that I am not ready to give up on my dinosaur. I am searching high and low to revive it, though I think I may need a miracle for that.
Super Love You Sweetie <3

Hahaha MaLen♥ :PPP
But isn't it great?

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you like it :)))
And I will start answering letters from now on. Unfortunately, I will only be posting one or two a day and the rest I will answer by letters.
Super love you and keep reading ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Big Mac


                                                     OH LORD!!!!
                                    WHAT HAPPENED TO MEEEE?
                                         WHY AM I SOOO LITTLE :/

I mean my picture is so small compared to how you are used to seeing them, but what can I say..... I got a BIG Mac, hahaha sillies, not a Big Mac from Mcdonald's but a Mac computer and its HUGE and I am sooo loving it <333.

Gosh, four months really went by sooo fast! It seems like it was less than two weeks ago that I was crying over my dinosaur's (computer) finally dying on me...... heyyyyy, IT WAS less than two weeks ago! So what happened???

Well, the truth of the matter is that I am lucky enough to have wonderful people in my life that came together and a little here and a little there, in less than two weeks I was able to raise enough money to replace my dinosaur. Don't worry, my old computer sits in a corner of my room. We've shared sooo many good memories that I can't seem to be able to part from it.

OMG, does this mean I am becoming a hoarder???

Anyways, I listened to my daughter Natalie when she said....
"Natalie loves you!
& your computer sucked anyway... get a Mac!
Love you 

.... and I got the Mac :P With this machine 
I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away! 
No wait! this is a song :/

Anyways going back to why my picture is so small. I'm still trying to learn the Mac and I haven't figured out how to take good BIG pictures in Pico. Hey, I am not ashamed to admit it... OK!!! :PPP
I also want to thank the great friends and family that helped me get my Mac. And last but not least, I want to thank Gαв ℓαяαмıє from Ameba Pico, Poppy Ghostraven, Sweet G and ChEo from Second Life for their constant help and patience in helping me figure this "thing" out. But I would like to especially thank my beautiful and wonderful daughter Natalie for always encouraging me to do and get the best and for sitting next to me everyday to teach me something new on my new Mac.... Love you my angel <333

One last thing to mention, Sweets* is back to stay! I am fully armed to continue with my writing for all of my wonderful Picos. See you tomorrow <333

Saturday, December 3, 2011

~Scooter Dream~

You all have heard my thoughts. You all have shared the wonderful journey with me. You all have understood my craving for a scooter. Well guess what? Now I have one. It's a red scooter, not a black one  :( but at least it's a scooter. Here is how the story went.
Once there was a girl named Gαв ℓαяαмıє and she longed to have a scooter. She hated casino, and stuck to Ameba Gold. She dreamed throughout the 4 seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. She would fall asleep every day and dream how it would be to have a scooter...
Then, her pico daughter Pᴀᴘᴇʀ ♥ Cᴜᴛ  taught Gαв ℓαяαмιє the ropes. It was during Gaby's first challenge when she earned the most casinos - 200,000 C$. As anyone would, she went on a shopping spree, and was soon left with 0 C$. She had done all of that in a day. There were about 5 days left until the 5x casino challenge ended. Her wonderful daughter helped Gaby keep on track. Though, Gaby couldn't have gotten anywhere without her daughter. Back to her 200,000 C$ that Gaby had - she spent it on casino outfits. Never the scooter... :(  She spent the rest of the year sleeping and dreaming about the scooter in casino outfits.
It all started with a dream. A passion. A love. And a wonderful, helpful, awesome daughter. Finally, Gaby bought the scooter for 1,000,000 C$.
Gaby would like to thank all her friends on pico, her casino buddies, and most importantly, her daughter for doing all the work (hehehe) and never stopping. Thank you everyone for helping me complete my dream. Long Live Pico Perfect! <3

This Is Gαв ℓαяαмιє Checking Out.