Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cute Picos Wall

       Hey Everyone It's Gαв ℓαяαмιє! I never have done a Cute Picos Wall and I love trying new things. So, if this doesn't turn out great, leave a suggestion and I'll try to use it. Sweets* has posted Cute Pico Walls a lot of times so I read some of them and got the format into my mind. Enjoy!
        Our first Cute Pico is ¤§»£mily«§¤ , the cutest pico you can meet. She wears a cute little blue hoodie  to keep her warm. Emily's favorite item is the clover you can get on ST. Patrick's Day. Every time she wears it, Emily feels that luck is all around her. If you happen to meet ¤§»£mily«§¤ give her a prop or two. You have to agree, Emily looks adorable, with those bunny ears on top of her head.

Next, we have our lovely єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  whos name really matches her style! єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  comes out, always dress as well... the Easter Bunny! Even when it's not Easter, she still brings joy to many. Currently, єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  is searching for an owner. One that will give her love and care. Awww just looking at her makes me want to eat her up... Well, I heard bunnies taste really good.  :]

Last but not least, our third cute pico is ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞ . I was out strolling for a walk when I bumped into her. Suddenly, I knew ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞ was perfect for this post. Her look is just fabulous. It really inspires me. So does her profile description. Ahh, love birds. Her profile states: "I'm inlove with a criminal, cus he just stole my heart" All I could say is... ADORABLE. Oh, and if your wondering who is that dog in the picture, its name is Mochi and he is ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞  's pet.
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє


  1. Why are you only picking picos with gold?are you stating that people with no gold are not as good looking as the people with gold?

  2. Gab Laramie is taking over picoperfect. Watch out, ya'll!!!! And @Anonymous1: I agree, it seems like this blog is getting worse (and worse).

    Gab Laramie is a good writer though, (for the newspaper.)

  3. Hi, I'm gab Laramie and here is a response to both of you:
    Anonymous#1: Please Understand, I would never think that. Yes, in this article I only found people with ag. But this is a cute picks wall not a pretty or ugly picks wall. In this article, I chose people who look adorable, baby-like looks. Like a bunny, most people think bunnies are cute. That is just one example. But you should know I don't think there is a difference between peoPle with ag and those without it. I clearly state that in one of my articles titled "No-obs?" Sorry I can't give you the link since I'm on my iPod, bur read the article. Once again, I didn't concentrate about ag In this article thank you :)

    Anonymous #2: hahaha your very funny. I am not taking over pico perfect. In my opinion sweets* is better at writing then me, and she always will be. Plus, I think of pico perfect as a community service. Everyone helps out in making it wonderful. But, thank you for your kind post :) I disagree on One thing though... Pico perfect will never get worse, it always gets better, with every post anyone does. Thanks again for you kind post :)

  4. But why did you pick Bianca..?

    Shes goth and ugly