Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love is in the Air

  Well as most of you may know, I am a Thursday Fashion writer. This week I am writing about The New clothes at the Wedding Hall. There are the Bride and Groom outfits and the bride's maid dresses which come in pink blue and green.  Ameba Pico's bride dresses and groom tuxedo's can ONLY be found in the Wedding Hall Premium Gacha, as of now. The cost to play is 100 Ameba Gold.
  The Bride Dress is a beautiful lace. That has a  white color with an accent of blue, that appears to flow easily. It has a  little opening on the right front side. The opening is filled with more lace with lines going horizontally through it. At the top of this opening has little blue flowers. And the whole dress has a little hint of blue in it. The bride's vail is a silver tiara with blue topaz gems on it.

 The grooms tuxedo is also white with an accent color of blue. The tuxedo's pants and top coat are white, the under shirt is blue with three white buttons. On the front right at the chest area, the tuxedo has a white flower. This outfit comes with a pair of dress shoes. The wedding items are beautiful, they would be perfect for ANYBODY'S wedding! They may seem exspensive but they are worth it in the end. ; D

And finally we have the bride's maid dress. This dress can come in Pink, Blue, or Green. It is a beautiful white, with a pattern (color of pattern depends on color of dress) and a has a stunning second layer of the color of you choice with a gem in the middle front. I honestly think this is the best outfit yet that Ameba Pico has made on its Wedding Collection. This dress costs 200 Ameba Gold on its own and, is found in the Wedding Hall Shop.
Written By: Mayaღѕωєєтz۞
Thank you for the modeling:
 sad assassin and jalean 

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