Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Edition To The Family

Hai everyone! It's that annoying girl who keeps on writing random things! Yes, you guessed wrong! It's Gαв ℓαяαмιє   :D  How did I know you guessed wrong? I'm physic. Okay, maybe I'm not but I know you guessed wrong since I never write on Sundays. No, no Sweets* didn't give me yet another day that I can post on... Well, not another day. Today, when I got online, I saw two letters I had received from Sweets* overnight. Here they are...
I stayed on the WHOLE day just waiting for Sweets* to get online. I was literally about to LOOSE IT around 3:00 pm - Eastern Time Zone. Suddenly, Sweets* appeared at my door. Turns out patience pays off. Sweets* and I started to talk in my Room2. Sorry, but I don't have the chat copied since I kept playing after Sweets* left. Well here was the main focus: I did a really good job on my posts and Sweets* really liked them. So, from now on, I have the permission to write whenever I want, about whatever I want. For tomorrow, I have prepared a very special article to celebrate. Thank you Sweets* so much!!! <3
What was I talking about? Oh right the new edition to my family! I had bought 2,100 gold today and had followed my friend to the Pet Farm. She left, and I had to go eat in real life, so I left my avatar in the Pet Farm. When I came back from my delicious meal, I was suprised to see a very light brown panda wandering around the Pet Farm...
At that time I had exactly 817 gold left in my account. "Should I buy this panda?" the question repeated in my head. But, another thought also raced through my mind: "But I have a panda already, my sweet girl Lulu!"

 As a reaction, I clicked on the panda's profile. Lucky for me, it was a boy, which ment he would probably get along with Lulu. So, I bought that little cutie and named him Bob. Ahh, Bob the simple name is astonishing to me. Well, all I can say right now is that Bob and Lulu are getting along great. What is ahead?
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

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