Friday, July 29, 2011

Actors Needed!!!

As I promised you, there will be a contest. I am not sick anymore, so I can post now. Let's get on with the contest!!! I have decided to make a video all about friendship. Here is the basic plot: there is a nerd named Alice who has no friends. But, she keeps trying and finally reaches her goal.
And for this video I will need actors!!! Yes, you guys!

 Here is the cast needed:
*Tina (the popular girl/bully) - 1 Person
*Jackie, RiRi, And Sammy (Tina's 3 Little Followers) - 3 People
*Tanya (Friend Alice Will Meet) - 1 Person
*Crowd (Bonus People For Some Scenes) - 10 People

Now, you must be wondering how to get in.
This is how to enter:
*Send me a message, leave a comment, or put a post on my message board.
*My Username: Gαв ℓαяαмιє
* On that write your...
- The Role You Want To Play

It's that simple! Hurry time is running out, the deadline is Sunday, July 31,2011
Here Is A Simple Trailer I Made... Enjoy!


  1. Name: яåи∂σм™ραи∂å
    Role I want: Jackie
    Why I want to be in it?? I just think it'll be fun and I've done a Pico movie, commercial and some comics before on an old blog. :D Hope I get chosen!!

  2. @RandomPanda
    PLEASE message me on pico since I CANT copy your name on pico perfect thanks :) B.T.W YOU GOT THE PART :) (Still message me though)

  3. Gab, how did you upload video to Google? I tried it and I can't. :-( Please help. Thanks.