Friday, July 29, 2011

The Definition of Rich

Melanie just joined pico, it was her first day and she just started exploring. She was very excited that she had found a new virtual world and she was flabbergasted by the fact that it was so elaborate.

She explored events and decided she needed to make acquaintances, so she began to speak to a few people. Many people were very nice and allowed her to add them. But she had a rude conversations with a few users.

(19:01) hi!hi!: Hi! Im new
(19:01) hi!hi!: Can you please be my friend?
(19:01) єρι¢кιттєкαт : idc
(19:01) єρι¢кιттєкαт : and no
(19:02) hi!hi!: Why wont you be my friend?
(19:02) єρι¢кιттєкαт : ur a nooob ok

Melanie was surprised some people would be so rude simply for the fact that she was new. And then she began to look around. A lot of the events were listed as "HOT OR NOT'S " Where Picos were judged by not only their looks, but their money. She was surprised they were so shallow. She knew true beauty was from the mind and soul, and a person wasn't beautiful if they were rich, but if they were wise and kind.

True beauty has nothing to do with how much money you would spend online. Many people would rather save their money for their future. Many of the users who spent money on the game were shallow and arrogant. But she realized that quite a few people were kind and didn't mind if she was not spending money on the game and became some of her best friends.

I think it is time that some people begin noticing how their acts hurt others, and spending money on the internet won't change someone's personality. True beauty lies inside. You can't always judge the book by their cover. Roses may be beautiful, but their thorns grow from the inside. It's just a fact of judgment.

Being judgmental, and calling others ugly with events such as "Hot or Not." Won't make you have more stunning features. Every time you throw a rude comment at someone, or call them names. You never know how much you are truly hurting them. Even in real life, talking about people behind their backs is not something you want to be doing. It hurts when the person figures it out.

Don't bully people, call them ugly, or noobs. Those words are vile and useless. Keep them to yourself. Always put yourself in the position of the person you will comment too. Rich does not mean full of money, but full of wisdom, kindness and love

C a r a m e l ❤
The sun reflects off of the raindrop creating a rainbow ❤

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