Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Statements

To some fashion is merely "How you dress and what you wear." To others its priceless. Fashion has been in history for millions of years. Even cave men had it, they used animal skins to cover themselves. Fashion and clothing has been a way to express yourself, its been used for emotion, its been categorized by personality. Its been hated and its been love. Its brought happiness and sadness. Its brought good and bad. But most of all fashion has been expressed. Yes people, this is what I write about, Fashion. I write about what it is, what it resembles, and who it suits for. I inform you guys about hit new clothes and popular pieces. As of some (like me) fashion is everything to me in Pico. I want to always make sure that I look good. I want to make sure that I feel good about myself though at the same time. So as many of you know, there are three ways to purchase clothing. You can use Ameba Gold, Tokens, or Gummies. (Just to let you guys know, just because you don't have Ameba Gold doesn't make you any less stylish than anybody else!) Now in these next few pictures you're going to see a few pieces of clothing and who they may suit for.

This outfit is what I like to call "The Dark Side" for the Gothics or, people who like black (of course, all these outfits can most definitely be worn even if they don't necessarily fit your personality!)

This is a trendy everyday outfit for any kind of person. The thing I love about this is that you can wear it for everything (fancy and casual) and still look great. I call this outfit the "The French Fananza."
Dining with the Water Waiter

This outfit is what I call "Pretty Pink Princess." This outfit is born for a princess, all you need is a crown...It appears our princess is looking for hers too.

I was born on "The Wild Side", what a creative name! It appears this little kitty is being a bit mischievous.

Last but certainly not least we have the "What do I Wear?" outfit. This outfit was thrown together by some of my favorites. It is what people may wear when they don't know what to wear. Do you have an outfit like this?
So my fellow Picos even if you think fashion is definitely not your thing, you're sadly mistaken. Fashion is EVERYONE'S thing! It may not be you number one thing but, without fashion our world would be a dull naked place. Imagine seeing the same bare style each and everyday. :O I would not enjoy my Pico life as much as I do now if it weren't for clothes. If there's one thing I want everybody to remember from this article it is: No one has a perfect style but, what you wear isn't wrong! If anything your clothing is great...for you. The  main reason of teasing I see in Pico is, the style of clothes. Whether your style is traditional, gothic, rock, princess, casual, french, or all of it. If you like it you'd wear it, which makes that outfit your own and special! Have a nice day and remember, There's nothing to be ashamed of about the way you dress, your beautiful in your own way!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє
Please leave a comment saying if you liked this or not. Or if you have a comment on one of the outfits or you want to tell about one of your outfits go ahead and do so!


  1. But, in uniform schools, wearing the wrong thing could get you in detention..

  2. Theres is one stupid thing in da beginin u said that it don't matter if u hAve gold or not but all yo outfits are with gold u moron

  3. Anonymous Not al my outfits are gold. Yes each outfit does have an item that needs to be purchased with gold. But I made sure that EACH outfit had something that could be purchased with gummies or with a token.

  4. Atleast one item? LOL yay ok. also the outfits you showed are not very oringinal at all. i've seen so many people wear those outfits over and over again.

  5. @Anonymous Please leave Maya alone. She didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't very kind of you to call her a moron. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!

  6. yeah I know ):< these items are cute, so what if youve seen something similar, you don't need to call her a moron, she's just writing a POST :)

  7. thank you everybody, i tried to use outfits/items that i see a lot. My thoughts because people MUST like it to wear it. Think about it, if you didn't like that outfit why wear it? Also I am very excited that this post is number 3 in most popular posts. Thank you everybody have a great day.

  8. It's a cool post, not because of the outfits featured, but more because of what it says. And that is basically, "If you're happy with your style, then that's all that really matters." Any one that want's to take the time out of an obviously empty life to make rude comments about such a positive post, clearly needs to grow up. If you wear gummy clothing, token clothing or AG clothing, that's your business and not a cause for ridicule from other, hateful people that have nothing better to do than desperately cry out for attention by being as mean as they can. Children, please, do try to stop being so silly.

    And BTW, Maya, nice post. Don't get discouraged. Stay positive, and do your thing. ;)

  9. Sorry, maya. I really need to go. We will go to church. :) Hehe. Goodluck! Have a nice day. Feed poppy if he's hungry.