Friday, July 8, 2011

Gab's Horizon Horoscopes #2

Today is a very happy, jolly day. Everyone who roams Ameba Pico has a good attitude. Everyone is giving each other compliments, and no one is cursing. Don't you love happiness? I do. Can you imagine pico like this everyday? No one would complain, and everyone would be friends. Cyber-bullies would'nt even exist. Wow... MY DREAM COME TRUE
Today's color is pink. A happy little color, which girls mostly use. But don't worry boys! You can also wear pink, or trying wearing darker shades of pink, such as red? It's always a jolly, exciting color. This matches perfectly with the mood of the day. 
There is a 64% chance you will fall in love today. If you already are matched, then spend time with your loved one. Remind him/her that you love them. Give them a little gift, that's all you need! And most important, enjoy yourself with that special someone.
Friends, friends, and more friends! When you can't find a boyfriend or girlfriend your friends are there for you! Wait, they are always there for you! Today, there is a 62% chance that supports friendship. 
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє


  1. Where'd do u get that blue dress?

  2. In the last picture? If so, we got it at star band gacha

  3. Gab! I love ur writing! It's amazing & interesting. Keep the good work!
    But of course I'm more dedicated to Sweets* Cause she made this blog. Love you both :D

  4. Is the dress still available?