Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gab's Horizon Horoscopes

Here's a new section I'd like to call Gab's Horizon Horoscopes. On any random day, I will roam Ameba Pico, seeing how our citizens are acting. When all of my observations are finished, I write them down here. This is how everyone seems today in Ameba Pico...

Today is a sad, gloomy day. I don't think it's raining in Ameba Pico, but everyone seems quieter...sadder. No one makes too much jokes, it's all serious today. Even the events aren't too bright, like "hot or not" which judges people by their looks. I think that's just wrong, but it fits a day like this. The pico world is acting as if everyone is giving each other the silent treatment.
The color of the day is Brown. Other dark colors such as black, will also fit with the day. Still, most people are wearing brown. Dark brown, light brown, poo brown? It doesn't matter. There is no other way to match the mood than this color. Everyone is wearing... brown.
Isn't the answer obvious? With such a sad day, with a sad color to match, there isn't much love to share. Today, there is a 12% chance that you will be in love. The dating chances are low. Even when with your loved one, you'd probably rather be with your friends. 

Surprisingly, there is a 54% chance that supports friendship. After all, friends are here to cheer you up. To cheer you on. A gloomy day like this definitely needs some friendship. Come on, make a new friend, its E-Z! 

Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє


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  2. @Jean Royal É
    On Picoperfect no one can copy and paste so they can't copy and paste your link btw.

  3. U can copy n paste on a iPad

  4. I liv it butt I wish it was more happy n positive:)

  5. hey guys...BTW gab your post...very creative, anyway Jean Royal, if it wasn't for maintenance pico would be a boring never changing world, if your heart flutters like mine when you hear word of a new park or room, then maybe you realize why maintenance are a potential positive in the ever-changing world we call pico.

  6. Mayaaaaa it's angel here ur comment is ver true

  7. Anonymous: i would make it positive if the day was positive. the day wasnt really too happy sorry :/