Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memories Made

Pico Perfect has been running for a very long time. Many writers have written and have been remembered. Sadly, most of the writers don't play Ameba Pico anymore. But, the fans live on forever. Even when a fan or writer quits Ameba Pico, they still remember the one and only Pico Perfect. No no, we aren't perfect! But, with the help of some of this blog's writers you can come close to being perfect. We help you understand Ameba Pico Virtual World, with lots of tips, news, interviews, and more! This is a very special article that is dedicated to Sweets*, Pico Perfect, the writers, and the fans. Here is the newest post, as of Thursday July 14, 2011. But, can you believe Pico Perfect's first ever post was written on September 9, 2010! That means Pico Perfect has been active for about 1 year!

And now for just some of the writer's statements:
Gαв ℓαяαмιє : "What can I say? Pico Perfect is simply... perfect! I have been writing for about 1-2 months and I love it here. Everyone is so kind, you guys are my family. When I first tried out for the Monday Room Writers contest, writing wasn't my passion. Well guess what? Now it is.
Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє : "Pico Perfect is amazing! I feel blessed to be a part of its staff and to work there. This blog can't get any closer to Perfection without actually being Perfect!"
Not you : "Pico Perfect has the sweetest articles I've ever read, they can be heartwarming, or sad... But their all amazing in their own way :] "

No one can forget the fans! :

¢αρρυccìиσ : "Pico Perfect tells how to be perfect on pico thats what makes it fun."
           (user name use to be Miko Trith) : "I like how everyone is so creative and everyone's posts are amazing."
мιℓєγ cyяυs : "Pico Perfect has articles that help me out daily in Ameba Pico."
PØØH ßW£Æ®♡ : "I like Pico Perfect cause it gives me company and good fashion tips."
Rice♡Bunniee : "I like Pico Perfect because I like to read the stories :D ♥ :P "
¤§»£mily«§¤ : "I like Pico Perfect beacuse it's got awesome pics"
¤§イina«§¤ : "I like Pico Perfect because the writers are very creative, sweets* is nice."

Ah, Sweets*. My dear Sweets*. You have made Pico Perfect what it is today.You are the kindest Pico Maya and I have met. Your smile will always stay with a pico once you meet them. Please don't ever leave us. We have 3 words for everything that you have done : God Bless You.

Idea By: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє & Gαв ℓαяαмιє
Article Written By: Gαв ℓαяαмιє
Article Edited By: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє



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