Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boom Boom Shake Shake

I was on my computer reading the latest Pico Perfect article. Suddenly, my desk started shaking. I thought it was a prank. (my mind was racing I had no time to think HOW anyone else would get in my house) I turned around, relizing that my bed was shaking. "My bed is a queen size  (if you take out the extra bed thingy underneath) how is that possible?" My eyes turned pure green (as they do when I'm scared) as I peered out the window... Turns out it was an earthquake!!! Right when that thought hit me, I raced downstairs (I Live On The Fifth Floor Of A Six Floor Apartment Building) and stayed outside until the shaking had stopped.  After running upstairs - too frightened to use the elevator afraid it might get stuck - I turned on the news channel to find out that it WAS an earthquake that everyone in the Eastern Time Zone had survived. Virginia was the main place, while sending aftershocks to places like Washington and New York...
Stay Safe Even On Pico

Oh hi, didn't see you there... Yes, I was explaining what just happened to me a few hours ago. I want to tell everyone who experienced the earthquake that God Bless. It was my first earthquake and also surprisingly the first New York has had in years. I was terrified. I was multi-tasking during it, on pico and pico perfect. After all the commotion, I quietly got back on, called Tanya (cupcake sweetz) to make sure she was alright. My second life mom actually lives in New York near me, and she also felt it. The thing is she had family in Virginia. After calling, and calling, and calling to make sure everyone was ok, we calmed down a bit. I love you all and please stay safe if you were there during this Earthquake. It was a high 6.9 on the grid, very dangerous. Hug your family, and anyone close to you, be happy they are alive right NOW.

Also, please feel free to message me if you were one of the people who experienced the quake. I will be happy to read those letters, or if you want to say anything to some of the people who got injured during this... About all of your letters will be displayed on Pico Perfect. LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE... hehe


  1. actaully it was a 5.9

    I was so scared too

  2. Typo and @jellycakes999 if your in the eastern region hurricane Irene is probably headed yur way