Monday, August 22, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution!

Ok,Ok,OK OK OK OK... This MIGHT not be about pico but its something we also love. SECOND LIFE!!! I've been playing for a bit not all the time, still with Pico. My friend Pezke and I just met yesterday at my good friend's birthday party. Right when I arrived, he ran up, summoned two couple dance orbs and invited me to go with him. I was flattered and accepted right away. Pezke is a really nice person that if you are on second life you should meet. Like Lori, aka Sweets* dancing is my passion on sl. Well... EVERYTHING is!
OMG Pezke your so strong, we started off with couple dances and right away I was raised up. I can fly!!! That thought ran through my mind. Isn't dancing amazing? Oh and if your wondering who that sweet girl is behind me, that's my twin. She'll meet you guys soon...
We continued with Tango, a dance I learned in real life as well. It was so fun, I'm pretty sure Pezke was enjoying it as well.
In the end, I was left dancing alone. Oh well, dancing is still amazing!

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