Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gummies Galore!

Hey everybody I'm sorry I haven't been writing very much. Its been very busy here in small town Iowa. Lots of work chores and many, many, many school parties. Anyway I got GREAT news this morning! Sweets* told me I can write whenever I wanted. Now I'm not quite sure if I can write about anything I want. But I decided to try. Hey, you'll never do anything exciting in life unless you try, right? So Sweets* If I'm not supposed to write about things other than Profiles and Fashion please let me know! Oh one more thing before I begin, THANK YOU SWEETS* FOR MAKING MY WRITING DREAMS COME TRUE! 

I was at a Food Party event when someone said. "How do I get a lot of gummies?" Some people made fun of this innocent Pico. But I (knowing I was in her shoes at one time) walked over to help! I told her that food and props get you gummies and she said. "I know that but, how do other picos get so much?" I thought so hard that my brain felt like it was going to explode! Then I remembered "People love events!"

Here are some tips that I shared and some that have came to me since:

1. People mainly go to events on pico. Try creating an event. Keep in mind the most popular events are BF/GF searches, Adoption Centers, and sadly Hot Or Nots. But I have noticed more recently that people are starting to bring T.V. game shows into Pico. The few that I have seen are Family Fued, and Minute to Win it.

2. Another great way to get gummies is to go to props and rings parties. There everyone is wanting props so if u prop someone, chances are you'll get propped back.

3. Another event that you can strike it rich is Food parties. If I were to give some advice here I would suggest to not go to popular food events but go to the BRAND new ones. That way not all the food is taken. Also try to go to the events that say "No block" most of the time events that have blocks aren't going to let you in.

4. The last and easiest way to get gummies is to be nice. Think about it. Would like to give someone FREE money if they're being mean or nice. And if you're nice you'll make Pico world a better place. So this is a win-win!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions you can search my first name Maya and scroll though the picos until you find my complicated last name. :D Leave me a room message or a letter with any quetions. I am here to help and of course you can ALWAYS ask Sweets* or Gab for help too! Please visit my NEW blog Click Here to visit it. Thanks for reading!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

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