Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hacker Found

Referring back to the article Memories Stuck In Stone I think I have found my friend's hacker. I'm still at her house, so Tanya is still looking for the hacker. I log in today and my friend tells me that there's a rumor going around that IM a hacker. Please take notice that is a lie. The real hacker is Ashley Dicky. I have some pictures from the convo.

Turns out Ashley Dicky is who is making up rumors about me. Please notify your friends that I AM NOT a hacker.


  1. Truth is only as strong as the number of people who witness it. . .

    People shouldn't "assume" that this person is a hacker, when they, themselves have no proof or connection to this. Cussing them out wont change a thing about who hacked her or anything connected. Also, when people post on her board saying "I'MA HACK YOU TOO" is pretty immature. People should also think about the person on the other side of the computer, they could be a 10 year old just playing pico and minding there own "Pico" life!! REALLY you guys, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

  2. I don't think you are a hacker, too. Because seriously I just saw the blog wherein she said you were the hacker and it was completely an edit! The chat box was moved on to the gray side of the room so that it could be an easy job to edit the photo. And besides, you'd never do that (hack). All these hacking issues is making me sick.