Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pico Anniversary

Yes, yes. I know Pico's first Birthday has passed. But Pico Perfect's anniversary is coming up soon. So to try to tie Pico somehow in with Pico Perfect's anniversary, I'm going to review First Anniversary clothing items. Now I'm going to categorize the clothes into 2 parts. 1. Shop items 2. Gacha items. Lets begin :D

So as some of you may remember the 1st anniversary was HUGE. Everyone was talking about it, and every park/travel destination was decked out in beautiful pastel Anniversary colors. The most popular place (in which I think is) was downtown New York. If I had to give one short was like candy land! Downtown New York was where the store was located, also located there was a regular Gacha. (100 gummies.) This gacha and store had many Anniversary items. Here are a few of the clothing items that were there to offer. :D

In the shops they had many treasures. One of the items which is by FAR the most popular item is a dress. This dress comes in two colors. One color is red the other is blue. They have the accent colors of black and blue. Each dress has 3 lace lines going through them. With a matching flower hairpiece. A very beautiful item.

The next Shop item is another dress. It is black and has pink stripes on it with a few black poka-dots. Another very beautiful item.

Now the gacha items. This first item is "cake glasses". The glasses are designed to be a cake. you can see the "bread" part of the cake. The frosting on top and, burning candles placed above the eyes. This item comes in two colors one of which is pink and the other is white.

These next items I've classified together because they are very similar. First we have 1st anniversary wand, then a 1st anniversary bow and ribbon.



Lastly we have the party hats. These hats come in MANY different colors. So here is a picture of one so you get the idea.

Well that wraps things up for today. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading and, Happy early Anniversary to Pico Perfect. (Real anniversary is September 25,  2011)
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

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