Thursday, August 11, 2011

Space, its a mysterious thing. It always has been a mysterious thing. When I think of Space, I think of laying on a blanket and staring up into the night sky listening to the water splash up against the shore. AHHH that is the life. But Space may be a scary thing too. For example: What is their were more advanced life out there. What if they give us a little visit? Are they friendly or are the violent? These are all questions that have been around for many centuries. I personally believe that there is other life in the Universe. I don't think that we should judge them though. I mean, lets say you're a very nice family (your family is representing Earth) And you came home to find someone unknown in your house (The unknown person is representing other life) You are a nice family but, you are scared. Every action performed from then-on is going to be because you're scared. You may act aggressive or maybe peacefully. But the unknown person is going to think of you what they see. So if aliens do come to earth. I don't think we should judge them. They may be just as scared as we are with all our guns and war items.

Anyway Pico has gotten out there Space Room. And just as I had suspected, the U.F.O. room followed it. In the UFO room they have a gacha. This gacha gives out UFO ships and alien outfits. And oh my gosh what do we have here? It looks like  A REAL PICO ALIEN!!!! :O

And the last thing I would like to discuss today is a BRAND NEW thing. Its called "The Fuser." The Fuser is located in The space station right next to the Gacha and shops. The Fuser gives you items from the past and items that can be found now.  I didn't have my Pico account in Halloween time but, now I  have a costume. How the Fuser works:

1. Once you've clicked on it  a screen will pop-up with all your clothes. You go through your closet and click two items you would like to fuse.

2. Once you've selected the items you press the Fuse button.

3. After you've done this your new clothing item will appear on the screen and you can locate it in your wardrobe.
*Room decoration items can also be fused*

Thats it for today, make sure to come back to Pico Perfect blog on Sunday so you can read my NEW type of writing on profiles. Thanks for reading!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

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