Thursday, September 29, 2011

Assistant Contest

I'm soooooooo sorry! I had made a contest 'bout a month ago for an assistant. I forgot to announce since everything started. Before I announce the winner here are some articles that were also amazing! Even if you didn't win, you still are a true writer. I cut some parts out to make the articles shorter :) Sorry I couldn't get all of your articles up, we got 30+ entries! :)

Dear Gaby.
I've been reading for a very long time now. And i really enjoy every second of pico.Sometime's hacker's come in and start messing up your account.But that shouldn't stop you.Right? And so one day i fell asleep.And then a few hour's later i went on pico.When i went on i tried to log in from my facebook. It didn't work.I tried several time's then finally i saw that the email was different than the email i started with.  But a few day's later I went on pico.I got my email back :) And i saw alot of board comment's and letter's.At first i thought they were bad and stuff.. But then i looked at a few letters. I saw that the letters were from my friend's. I felt so loved.. And then i checked my message board. I saw a pico named "Dr.?" And he said several bad comments. I didn't think he was the hacker it's obvious.And i didn't really let that comment let me down. I saw the rest they were from the people that faved my room.They said im sorry about the hacker. Then in like a day..I start playing again. I found some of my good friend's again. And they made my day better :) They spent a bunch of time with me. One of my good friend's is "Not You". She can make a day bright. Another friend was "Stevie" I fell in love with her name when i first met her (; I knew she was a special person. I love spending time with her. I could talk to her for a whole year and she won't get boring. And another GREAT friend.I bet you don't know her lol <3 Hmm her name is Gab. She's a writer on pico perfect. Shes amazing. I know her in real. She's the sweetest thing. Like a piece of candy :) I love her alot and she means alot to me. I fi ever loose her i don't know what i would do. And ANOTHER AMAZING  person is Sweets*...Shes very beautiful. She's a great writer. And all though she's not on alot shes very special. And pico wouldn't be perfect without her.:)  And gaby i really hope i can get the job to be your assistant. I know there are a bunch of people. And they might deserve it more than me. But i love this blog and your a special person. That's all that i want you too know :) Love you xoxo <3
~Kisses and Hugs N a r n i a ♥ I hope you pick a perfect writer :)

My Comments: Thank you tanya <3 See yu soon!

Ameba Pico
Hello, have you ever heard of a game called Ameba Pico?  I didn't untill I saw an ad at the side of my facebook page.  I thought Ameba Pico what an odd name but it looked fun, so I clicked the link and I was right.At first I hardly new what to do but as my Pico life grew through out many months I learned more and more.  What I like most about Pico is that you can meet and chat to all differant kinds of people from around the world.  I also like that you can show your style and personality with your room(s) and clothes. After playing Ameba Pico for three months I was ready to get all the extras with Ameba Gold.  I started with 500 ag (Ameba Gold) to get the pet of my dreams a little white kitten witch I named Angel.  (Extra-  I once went to a adoption centre with Angel and there was this little baby girl named swεεt♥cαndy saw Angel. She said "Oh pretty kitty!" I thought she was cute and nice so I adopted her.  I took her to my room she said "Mwe hungy!!!" I didn't have any food so I went to buy some when I came back swεεt♥cαndy was gone and she wrote a nasty message on my wall.

My Comments: Very Interestring Article Tiger. Hope you find the perfect kid someday!

   Pico  Rescue Day!
 Hi my pico id is "ciel shieru".So I Went online to pico,i was going to the park to collect some props.Then i saw a gang  bullying a newbie that just started playing pico.So i went near them and  i say"Stop bullying the newbie! she just started playing pico".The gang say sorry to the newbie and realized their fault.The newbie accepted their apology.Then the gang ran away from the park.Then i went walk away.But Then the newbie say,"Wait!i need to say thank you to you!".She gave me an apple :) Lol.Then i say "Ur Welcome,And Thank You For The Apple."
Then the rumors starting to spread that i help the newbie . Then they start acting like me helping newbies that get bullying :).Wait not newbies only,BUT EVERYONE!

My Comments: You Are A Very Kind Person Ciel...Keep up the good work!

Look Beyond The Money

    So I was looking through the events and I saw one that was a guy needing a gf. I decided to go and check it out. When I was there, lots of girls were surrounding the guy. (Most of them had a lot of AG) Then a girl that didn't have AG went up to him and said hi and asked if she could be his girlfriend. He and all the other girls laughed at her and said no. She asked why. All the girls said it was because she didn't have Ameba Gold and that she was a "noob". She said, she was just new and didn't even know what AG was. She was hoping to look for a boyfriend that had AG so that he could show her artound Pico, assuming that he's been playing Ameba Pico for a while. All the girls were really mean to her and making fun of her so I just couldn't sit there and stay quiet any longer. I offered to help her around Pico if she wanted and told the other girls to just leave her alone.  She thanked me happily and out of nowhere, she did the headspin action(which requires 200 AG). That definitely shocked everybody. Then she put on a whole bunch of clothes that were AG and told them off saying that she wasn't a "noob".This proves that most people look at others only for their AG. They don't realize that money isn't everything. I bet that the guy regretted ever saying no to her :P But whether someone has AG or not, they should be treated equally. People should not be looked upon on how much money they have. Looks aren't everything and that it's the personality that matters. I hope people will realize next time that we can all be treated fairly and not be made fun of because of clothes or looks.
My Pico ID: ๖ۣۜ♥ÐaяkLøøƒαh

My Comments: Love the story <3


  1. Ty love you gaby hope i'll see you soon.. Luvv uu so much :]

  2. when I saw this, I was so surprised to see my article :DD i was so happy! thank you so much gab laramie(: <3 and btw, my name isn't DarkLoofah anymore, I changed it 'Loofah ;D' just wanted to let u know