Thursday, September 29, 2011

Assistant Winner!

Okay the article that I posted before this should be on the bottom of this article! That contains just SOME of the articles I got but here is the winner!!!

Congratulations To... ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε

Dear, Your Article Was AMAZING And I Will Be Very Proud To Have You As My Assistant. Please IM me by October 10th. Thank you! <333
                  World Community Parks             

                         Ameba Pico attracts players with several good qualities: the fun of building a room, collecting a vast variety of clothing for your closet, the new areas, updates that keep the game interesting; the list goes on and on. But what continues to bring us Picos back? There is one answeryou might think of off the top of your head: It gives me something fun to do in my spare time. But is that really the true answer? I believe that for many of us the true answer is friends. In Pico, nationality doesn't seperate us. We can be from two completely different countries, and even if the countries have a bit of tension between the governments, but as long as you can speak a similiar/same language, you can become friends. I might not just be for seenig your pen pals that you come back onto Pico, though. Sometimes you get a real life friend onto Pico, and that's how you communicate outside of school (a friend of mine, infact, my BEST friend, and I play Pico to communicate, since my parents don't feel comfortable with us getting together).
                         Pico has done something wonderful. It has managed to entertain people. It has brought people together. Instead of ignoring the World Community Parks (In the Parks Section of the Travel Guide), why don't we try going into them? Try and make a new friend, hang out with old ones, or just walk around. The areas are there for a reason, to be with people and make friends, and we should use them. You could even arrange for yo and friends to go into one on a holiday and celebrate. Even though we have so many other areas to go to, we should go to the World Community Parks. Pico is a World Community, and we should celebrate the chance to meet these new people from different places with different cultures!
By: ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε

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