Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fashion Favorites

Ok, in my previous Fashion Favorites....I  talked to a little girl. This time I talked with an adult pico here is what she said.

☆ղօմբ☆- My favorite color is pink, I like long dresses because they're more....classy and formal. I don't like outfits with a lot in them. Like when you see the people with all the wigs and guitars, the simpler the better. Now SHOW MY FASHION FAVORITE!

Now this one was a little bit more tricky. I didn't think I had a long formal dress. I had to dig through the back drawers of my closet when I stumbled upon this all-too well forgotten beauty and, once I had it on everything else just came with it. It was as if the dress was controlling the computer mouse...not my hand! Here is ☆ղօմբ☆'s fashion favorite!

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