Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey, Hi, HELOOO! Yes its Gαв ℓαяαмιє again! No I wasn't like Sweets* who couldn't get on her Pico though I was keeping her informed how her account was doing. Im sorry I haven't been posting for a bit. Maybe it's because I haven't been getting any messages? Who knows!!! It was totally not Sweets* who pushed me to do an article pshh.... Love you Sweets*! So how are all of you guys? Today I was an angel like literally... but thats a different story! Lets zoom in on Ameba Pico and see whats happening!
Let's start off with the new Blue Goth Room! OMG how I bet our friend tanya is doing with her favorite being so popular! Finally one of my favorite outfits themes to wear has stretched to another color! Oh who am I kidding, I love all the dressing themes!
The pet farm doesn't have any new pets yet but new pet costumes have arrived! Ok not new... But all of our loved kitty costumes are on sale! Hey if they ever make a Bunny-Dragonfly-Reindeer-Pig-Dog-Ladybug pet im totally buying it!!!!! The outfit? Oh I have that down like 100%!

Sorry I wrote so short today! Soon there will be tons of more. Say HI to Sweets* for me if you see her. Bye for now!

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