Monday, September 26, 2011

Rooms to Remember

Hello there everybody,
So as I was strolling through Pico I saw some rooms that I took notice of.  Most of these rooms were creative or made me sad and I think I could help with.

This room caught my eye because it was, well, on the hot events list, I also thought it was very creative! I mean who doesn't LOVE the mall. ("Hey mom, can we go to the city and go shopping?" "What do you think Maya?") Looks like I'm not going anytime soon. :( Instead I'll just go on Pico :D. In this mall there was a wide variety of clothing and and food. (Looks like I won't be needing to go to the mall "Haha mom!")
Room talking about:

This room slightly upset me. I don't know what went down between you and your kids but, I'm pretty sure they don't hate you. You see, from being a  person under the age of 16 I'm dependent on my family. And yes, I admit it, sometimes I DO get mad at my mom. But its just because I love her. I expect more of her and when I don't get EXACTLY perfect what I want. It may seem like a HUGE deal then I realize "Hey, she tried!" So it may seem they hate you, but know deep down they love you with ALL their heart!
Room being discussed:

This room almost brought tears to my eyes. Now my first thoughts were: "Life is a precious GIFT! And when people just throw it away they are selling their soul. Life is a thing that should be used to its FULL power because then, everything IS greater!" I strongly believe that with a positive attitude everything seems better and with negativity, everything seems worse. I ALWAYS think that there is a better option than suicide. And when people on Pico use it as a weapon against others they are treating themselves with disrespect, who knows, someday the sun may never shine again. When I tried to help this poor little person out, he refused to talk. I just hope and pray for EVERYONE that they may be blessed and live their life to its FULL power. Don't lose sight of your dreams and keep on chasing the stars!

Written By: Mɐⓨɐ ♛§мíℓǝⓩ
Oh, By the way to all you Night Club Lovers. ITS BACK! You can expect to see me there a few times!

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