Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Day... More Reversi

I don't usually go to games on Ameba Pico, but today I had to. I'm saving up for the skywall with currently about 13,000 gummies and I need to fill my bar alot. So, I head off to the reversi park. I met a kind pico looking for a player named A D H O . I quietly joined him and we began to play. For ALL of the games we played, I started off winning. But at the end the whole reversi board was covered with white and only 2 black pieces (I Controlled The Black Pieces And A D H O Controlled The White Ones) And I'm not joking! :P After a few games, we began laughing at how just one move could take out the whole board.

 Here is how most of our games started...

Then a few continuing steps and I was in the lead >:D

 And finally A D H O started taking the best spots- the corners. And I... LOST.
Well, I was never good at Reversi!!! Sadly, at the end of a bajillion games, A D H O  had to leave! :( See you soon, buddy!

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