Saturday, October 8, 2011

Changes Are Good... Right?

I never changed my look on Ameba Pico, maybe once for my skin and eyebrows but nothing else. Now everyone is fancy & stuff. Well, I thought about getting a makeover and decided to get a brand-new look. Yeah, I might look weird, but I'm still getting use to it. Who knows? I might change my look back. Hopefully not, I think it looks nice for now...
                Here is me before the makeover...
And Now Me After The Makeover...

Yes, I know its a big change but risks come with bad AND good endings right? Hopefully this will be a good one. I decided to go crazy and changed my mouth aswell....
Plus I got a pink wig and the zombie attack action! Hey, look into the future, I hope my look will bring me luck! Till next time!


  1. Ikr i showed her the look i made it for her :D And she didnt like it.... Then she liked it xD

  2. Lol Dalton I luff you <333
    and @anonymous thanks <3 "Zylem Hater's" is Dalton my son he suggested it

  3. i think you always look cute in any looks...:)

  4. [YB]คภ๔אץ๔October 12, 2011 at 1:04 AM

    You look like a trying-hard to be cute. Honestly? I think you're so fake. You said that you're not the type to be so fancy and everything. But look at you ALWAYS wearing gold clothes, even changing your look to a fancier style.

  5. @the guy/girl above i disagree with you.she can wear what she wants. it's her style not yours. you might have a different opinion than others but maybe you should keep that to yourself.