Sunday, October 23, 2011


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What is creativity? It is the world. Everywhere you go, everything you see is made by creativity. On pico, that is expressed through 2 things - fashion and room decor. Let's start off with room decor. There are hundreds of room items for you to use! Not to mention blocks, which could create anything. Take this barbie for example...
It was made completely out of blocks. Isn't that amazing? Blocks are all shapes and sizes, perfect for those with a HUGE imagination. Many picos are creating people out of blocks these days, isn't that amazing? Or if you don't want such a huge sculpture, settle for another popular building- the panda. Panda's are picos rarest animals. So, why don't you make one? :D
Now, lets move on to fashion on pico. Oh boy, FASHION! You can combine items of the same color, or combine all different colors, and look like a rainbow. If you have lots of clothing, enter fashion shows to show off your style. The opportunities of outfits never end.
Though, many picos get mad when you "copy" their style. Some picos get mad if they wear a mermaid outfit, and you also are wearing one. This is part of cyber-bullying. So, to stand up to that bully, you can add to the mermaid outfit lots of things that will make YOU unique. Everyone has a unique style. Or, you may coordinate another outfit, that will dazzle the bully and make him/her stop bullying you.
Some mean picos might think the picture above is copying. But, it really isn't. Just because the same item is worn, doesn't mean anything. STAND UP TO THE BULLY. HELP END CYBER-BULLYING. Or, come up with your own outfit that will be so astonishing, the bully will stop and compliment you.
Till next time, Gab Laramie <3~

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