Saturday, October 22, 2011

Late News...

Hai! Before I start writing the subject I decided that being the true you is the best <3 So, I changed my look back! All I kept was my new eyes, I think they look nice! :)
Oh and I FINALLY saved up 15,000 gummies for a skywall! Yay~ Now I can watch the beautiful sunset! :D
Anyways, I've been meaning to post about this for a while. Did anyone see that some picos now have a Room5 and Room6? Well, it's true! :O Some picos got banned doing this cheat, but some are still on pico! :D
When you are in a room4 then there is only 1 arrow leading to room3 right? Well, this room has two arrows and one leads to room5!
Now, I clicked the arrow and I'm in Room5! There's another arrow leading to room6! Yay~
So this is Room6, but I just noticed something!!! When your in a room, it is orange! But, when I went to Room5 and Room6 the rooms are ALL white! OMG :D
Then, I guess the hack spreads? When I came back to my room ALL of my rooms were orange! Though, my Room1 (the current room I was in) was a tiny bit darker! Luckily, after I reloaded it went away! LOL crazy day today!
Have a happy pico life! :D


  1. You over use the 1 and shift button. It annoys me well.