Monday, October 31, 2011

The reason why my room stays locked

Why is it that you can’t enter my room you ask? Because people do not know how to act. I would love to have my room unlocked for all of you to visit, but I have haters. Haters of every sort and kind. I use to get rude letters for no reason at all to avoid all that I just started locking my room and only allowing friends of mine to enter. I unlocked my room the last time I was on to let a friend’s friend in and I forgot to lock back up. These two miscreants found their way into my room and spammed my wall? They obviously didn’t have anything else better to do with their lives.

Why do people feel the need to spam others message boards? I mean you must obliviously care a lot about me that you would take the time to spam me multiple times. It takes about two minutes in between to send messages on ones message board, so seeing more than one message from one user lets me know you were there for a while wasting time you will never get back. So you spammed my message board. Do you feel any better? You look like an imbecile with no life. If you feel the need to spam ones message board than maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to write on message boards at all.

Let’s try to avoid spamming walls. It’s childish and unneeded. If you go around spamming people you are only making yourself look like the fool because you are wasting your time that you could be doing something productive with.

яσck๓คттץ♥™ and S H E L B Y★ do you feel any better? No.


  1. ROM-eo i'm a fan of you :DDD also i think people spam others because they think it's "funny" and i agree with you it does make them look like they have no life. apparently they wasted 5 minutes spamming you o.O and they probably spammed other people too..

  2. ROM-eo, you don't deserve this. You're better than them. Always remember that. :-)