Saturday, October 1, 2011


When I logged in to pico this morning, I found pico with service maintenance. Mmmm... It said an hour yet like 5 hours passed before...FINALLY... I got onto pico. Wow. In the new events column there was a note that teleporters came out!!!!!!!!!! I went RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN to the space station and bought 2 pairs of teleporters for 100 Ameba Gold. That is a VERY good deal because 2 teleporters = 50 Ameba Gold and for those who earn up, and 2 gray teleporters for 15,000 gummies. If its the same color teleporter and there's more than 2 then your in luck! It can teleport you anywhere that has the same color. If different colors, that wont work! :(

     After buying 4 teleporters (2 pairs) I made an event called Tele-Tele-Tele-Porters! and many people came. All at once, we started going here, there, and everywhere. My kind pico son
Dalton ❤ Eva joined me and helped me chose the color. Well... we got green. Not too girl-pinky and not too boy-blue just perfect. Dalton ❤ Eva and I kept going around the teleporters making new friends every second. Soon enough,  his pico girlfriend ツєvα❤dαltσnツ and her friends joined us and then I cleared the room making 2 floors with teleporters. We kept trying to get up for fun.

It was so fun but then Dalton ❤ Eva left  and messaged me that there was maintenance so we couldn't reload. Even now, we are waiting for Dalton ❤ Eva and hoping he will show up. Or we might be having a party.... Shhh keep this a secret!

Love you all have fun with the teleporters!!!

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