Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week. You see, there's a lot of problems with drugs now-a-days and Red Ribbon week informs kids about the danger and the bad things that drugs can do. The Red Ribbion part of Red Ribbon week didn't just come to be! It comes from a man, a story about a man.
     A few years ago there was a man. Who dedicated his life to a program in the United States. This program went to high drug use places and tried to stop and spy on drug dealers. This program arrested many people. This man was assigned to a group of dealers to watch and see where they were getting their drugs. Sad thing is, the dealers already knew who and where he was. They captured him and he disappeared. Four weeks after his disappearance  his body was found. He was tortured to death. In honor of this man his family and friends wore Red Ribbons, thats how Red Ribbon week came to be.
     Today I'd like to talk about the most dangerous drug out there. I bet you can't guess it. Can you?
if you guessed Meth, Cocaine, Crack, Marijuanna, or any other drug, you're wrong. The most DANGEROUS drug for people under 26 is (its a shocker)........ Alchohol! Yes, Alchohol. 
     Now I'm going to ask a few questions and I want to see if you can guess the answers. Please include your Pico I.D. in your comment also so in the next article I can recognize you.

Question 1: Why is Alchohol the most dangerous drug for people under the age of 26?

Question 2: Why do people not consider Alchohol a drug?

Question 3: How does Alchohol effect us.

Question 4: In the ages of 5-11 what skill is your brain mainly developing?

Question 5: From ages of 12-24 what skill is your brain mainly devoloping?

Please leave your answers in the comment and include your pico I.D. I'm looking forward to seeing these. Also for your safety stay clean and don't take drugs! Over 70% of teenagers are clean of drugs and Alchohol, lets keep it that way!!!!!! :D


  1. 1. Because of drunk drivers
    2. It's absorbed into the blood stream
    3. Lots of people go to die or get hurt because of it.
    4. Logic Skills?
    5. Cognotive Skills?
    (Sorry for the last two- I have no idea)
    From: [VA]jellycakes

  2. 1.Because Alcohol gives bad effect like Brain Damage.
    2.I think because alcohol and drugs are different, drugs are more like medicine.
    3.Alcohol cause Brain Damage, and it also Kills People.
    4. pass
    5. pass
    for the last 2 numbers, i don't know the answer, and i don't really understand what the question mean.
    Pico ID: ιηкα

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  4. 1. Alcohol can damage brains that are still developing and can lead to accidents and deaths for teens.
    2. Drugs are usually referred to as illegal drugs whereas alcohol isn't illegal so most people see it as alcohol not being a drug.
    3. Alcohol affects not only younger generations but adults too. Alcohol can cause family and friend problems tearing relationships apart.
    4. At ages 5-11, kids are learning verbal and motor skills.
    5. At ages 12-24, teens are learning maturity skills of becoming adults.

    Pico ID: Loofah ;D