Friday, October 28, 2011

Video Vote Time ~ Updated List

While here on pico gab laramie is alright, on second life, gaby black is dying.
Sweets* is watching me die! LOL Anyways many of you have been voting on which song to do with our video. Well, a few songs have been constantly voted on. Here is the votes for those songs...

Lazy Song - Bruno Mars = 1 (Why It Would Be Fun - About Staying Home & Partying)
Gagaween = 4 (Why It Would Be Fun - Lots Of Costumes - Maybe More People Can Be In Video)
Edge Of Glory - Lady Gaga = 4 (Why It Would Be Fun - Same Reason As Gagaween
Rolling In The Deep - Adele = 4 (Why It Would Be Fun - Hit Song, Sounds Cool)
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO = 4 (Why It Would Be Fun - CRAZY Song)
Criminal - Britney Spears = 1 (Why It Would Be Fun - Interesting Concept)
Also From Message Votes:
Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO = 4 (Why It Would Be Fun - New, CRAZY Song)

Vote on these 6 songs or choose your own to add on the list. Voting will be ended soon, and auditions will begin! Can't wait :) Happy Voting!


  1. edge of glory pls.....i really love that song....and the song is fun.....or maybe the lazy song, criminal, party rock anthem ,or rolling in the deep

  2. party rock anthem plssss

  3. Gab, you play Second Life? What is your resident name?