Monday, October 10, 2011


Here is my first video I did with my uh.... I did with Dalton, lets just say. (LOL) It is a tragic love story and we thought the script would be perfect. Many relationships on pico end tragically but not with the love this one did. Enjoy ~<3

And Here Are Extra Photos After Our Music Video Came Out
Me & Dalton

Me, Dalton, & Sweets* As  Mini Person

Us As Mini Ppl!

Me & Dalton As Mini People

Sweets*'s hair is so soft so we are trying to take off her hat :3 OMG both our kisses turned into one heart

Sweets*'s dancing made us faint!
Smile Everyone!


  1. Girl u too young to be in luv u listen to exploit songs 2.. Kids these days

  2. Gabby whats that song i LOVE it. It makes me think of my stunning man!

  3. Wish you were here by avril lavigne nit sure if I spelled last name correctly lol