Saturday, October 15, 2011


YES, YES, YES! You read the title correctly! Our old friend ROM-eo™ is finally back on pico! He left pico before I began writing, and he has a writer on Pico Perfect. ROM-eo™ hopes to begin writing again as soon as possible! YAYYYYY! I was going to normal food parties to fill my bar and this happens...
Then I asked ROM-eo™to meet me in my room and we started talking. Turns out he's getting cyber-bullied. NOOOOO!!!!! :( Do you think this hair looks good?...
I think it looks great, all colorful! Skittles- taste the rainbow! This is why ROM-eo™ was bullied- because of his hair. Please help stop cyber-bullying! Once again....
Welcome BacROM-eo™!!!


  1. HE NEVER LEFT YOU IDIOT LMFAOO!!! swEETS* Whyd you hire such a bad writer LMFAO!!!

  2. Uhm... yea he did he had school stuff... He went on once in like every month. And uh cupcake I kno thts u o.o

  3. No duh :) He went on every day....Your really stupid...You dont even know him

  4. [YB]คภ๔אץ๔October 19, 2011 at 7:20 AM

    Agree with Zylem! People try so hard to be cool these days. -_______-

  5. cyberbullied? D: but...his hair is awesome :( to the comments above stop being so mean to her. gosh -.- she's a great writer. you're just jealous.

  6. @anonymous Thats wut i said! lol i think it looks awesome mean people in pico these days *cough cough* Zylem's Haters *cough cough*
    @ Zylem's Haters
    And yea I do know him o.o He did quit we went on like once a month/ whenever he could. Plus, before romeo quit I saw him a few times. Get your fact straight haters :)