Friday, November 11, 2011

Ayyy Cheo!

I'll leave it you guys to find out who this is...Anyways, me and Cheo had a wonderful day today! Sweets* will be jealous! :P
Since Cheo doesn't know English too well, and speaks Spanish, I decided to do him a favor. Thank you pico, for making us language parks. Though, YOU FORGOT RUSSIAN!!! Anyways, I took him to the Spanish Park, for Cheo to mingle. He just walked around, not talking to anyone. Everyone was yelling and screaming.
Soon enough, I got a whisper saying that everyone chats so fast. I simply replied; "Cheo, almost everyone on pico types fast!" and he started laughing. It is true, right, right, right????????
Spanish Park 1 was actually full with people everywhere. We had to wait a bit to get in, but it was worth it. I even joined in a bit, using my best friend Google Translate. Since Google Translate has errors at times, everyone was laughing at my mistakes!
Awww don't worry, they are very kind people. There were also many animals in the area. I hope Bob (my Male panda) got along with them! Wait...BOB WHERE ARE YOU? NOOOOOOOO
Has anyone ever seen a person become big not in April Fools? Well, I have! It's a cheat, but it makes you lag a lot.  I love this cheat though! THE PERSON IS SOOOOO BIG! And yes, this was ALL in the Spanish Park 1.


  1. how do you get big???

  2. really grateful, first with God, ...
    then with all those wonderful people who love me and help
    to them my greatest thanks
    I love you, gaby