Monday, November 7, 2011

Casino Challenge

---Note: This Post Was Scheduled, Things I Write Happened Before---Remember To Audition For The Video We Are Doing---

Today was a perfect day for casino. I didn't even start the challenge yet! Plus, I hate slots, I'm a blackjack person. Eh, take a shot I said. That was when I had less then 1,000 casinos. Now, I have more than 20,000 thanks to slots. I didn't get up to the couch yet, I need 28,000 more casinos. No way I can do that in 2 days!
After my little time of slots I went to blackjack. Now, I say the girls are the unlucky dealers. I also say that playing alone is the most luck! Though, I broke everything that I say today. It was so fun playing with my good old friends. <3 No, they are not old like 100 years old, they are friends! :P
We kept getting casino's loosing them, then earning them again. Well, except me, I kept loosing them! Ok... maybe ONCE I got a few...
My friends were the lucky ones! Except one of my guy-friends who lost 10,000 casinos because of a double down...Ouch!
If you have an escargot I hate you!!! LOL Naah...I'm just jealous! Why can't everyone start off pico with an escargot? Mmmm...I'll never reach 1,000,000 casinos! It's just too much. Don't you agree?
Till next time~Gab Laramie

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