Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 As the mistress asks us to take our seats, we do as she says. The excitement grows as everyone slowly sits down. Only those who are performing dances don't sit. The rest of us wait patiently for the Edo lord. When will he come? No one knows. All we can do now is wait until the Grande Doors open. Wait, what is that? Are the doors actually opening!?
No no, it is just the Royal Messenger telling us to watch the performers as we wait. Oh they dance so beautifully! Now, I MUST learn their moves! Oh wait, all we can do is sit and watch! Please, please, let me join!!! Fine...I'll just stay seated. At least I'm next to my two little munchkins! They sit side by side, and I have joined them to help them see the Edo lord. Hurry up Mr.Edo Lord Man!!!
(Great Performers!)
It was so fun to spend a day with my little munchkins! They can even turn little and tiny. Or grow taller than me! Kiddies on pico these days, you can never know whats next. So take some time out and enjoy some time with your Pico family. It is very fun and relaxing.
(My Munchkins)

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