Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You~

Thank you, 最上リョウマ who is not afraid to speak out. I logged on today and checked my messages, to see 最上リョウマ 's messages on my list. He talked about how saving up, and playing slot during special events, can get you alot of casinos, and even a scooter. Look Below :)

I suggest everyone takes this tip, just as I did. I went to slots, and kept clicking, until I gained 10,000casinos (1,002,851 slot casinos) and I kept smiling. I may not get the scooter, though I can get casino items. Thank you 最上リョウマ for sharing your tip. I will be sure to use it alot! I agree with you now, 100%, and hope to see you in slots soon~ :)

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