Thursday, November 17, 2011

True Beauty

I was walking in English Park 1 when I spotted some beautiful picos and invited them to my room. I say you should look up to these picos when you see them. These 3 picos have taught Ameba Pico the true meaning of beauty. I saw so much people come up to these best friends and curse at them calling them names such as "ugly". Each girl replied "God made us all beautiful. And, made us with all different perspectives. Ameba Pico is just a came, it is not life." That is quote of the day. After talking with the three picos, I found out they are friends in real life, scouting the enjoyable moments of pico. I found out the only ones they had were when together. This warmed my heart.
The photo above is Kayla. She is sporty and, just like her friends, doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She has beautiful red eyes on pico, and is always happy.

The photo above in Jenaya. Her mouth looks like a sad face, so I asked her why she is sad. She answered "Oh sad I am not for a true reason, I just can't be happy all the time. Life can't be perfect, we have to be sad sometimes. Though, I am cheery so don't get me wrong!" Beautiful words from a beautiful person Jenaya.

Lastly, the pico above is Tenika. She enjoys dressing simple, and hates flashy colors. She also enjoys matching her color items to her eyes. Gray, white, and black are her favorite colors. Before we took the picture, she changed her mouth to be like mine, and we all started laughing, because it looked great on her and me! One fashion step at a time~

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