Saturday, December 10, 2011

Discrimination Poem

Here is a little poem I made up. Over my break I became very interested in poetry so please give me some input on it!

Your Breathing. The noise you make.
 Its seems to have such an impact on people.
I gather my courage and stand out in front.
 When I  speak. I'm laughed at.
I hear people call me things but something sticks out"Get the runt off the stage"

Thats what I'm considered. A runt.
 I'm older now but, I still remember the day I stood in front. 
It was a horrible day.
When I got home my mom told me to leave.She said to never return.
 And I gathered my few things I had and obeyed.

I sulked on the streets for days.
Crying silently, no one helps me. Why would they?
 I'm their stage runt.
I am soon found by an adoption center owner.

 I am taken there, but no ever takes me away. For I was stuck.

I wanted to leave but could not. 
Where would I go?
What would I do?
How would I live alone?

As I sit in my corner and cry I I fall asleep.
In my dreams these are the words I dream about:

I'm quiet. Unloved. Unwanted.
I've lost my war and gave up all hope.
Every time I try to do something, 

Every time I try to stand out, make my mark.Every time success has come to me.
Every time I try to do my best.Every second of my miserable life.......

I'm: unloved: unwanted: and Discriminated

A blessing is falling upon me now.
Death has set upon me in my corner.
I see a light.
Right out of the subway station.

I walk towards and when I reach the top. 
I feel my body falling off my soul.
My soul takes another step.

I look out across the lake of gold,
I see the mountains of silver!
This is the most beautiful land I've ever seen!
And now, its my home.

I am no longer..... Discriminated


  1. I'm sorry.. but I absolutely hated this poem. It's horrible. No offense.

  2. nice! it takes a lot of courage to post a poem you wrote ^^ ignore all the rude people maya and keep writing :)

  3. tyra- she said to put your input on it, and thats what i did. just because it was a negative input doesn't mean that its rude.

  4. I would just like to know the website I "copied" it off, FYI this poem is in my notebook of poems here at home! I did not copy because that us copyright violation

  5. @anonymous actually, i didn't try out to be a writer and i wasn't talking directly to you -.-' i was talking about all those people who are commenting stuff like "ew she's back" etc. i don't understand what you 2 are so upset about. i complemented her poem and that's my opinion.