Friday, December 9, 2011

Early Bird Catches The Worm

OMG Why am I up so early? It's 5:49 am and I haven't slept all night. Wait don't I have school today? Yup, but not going.
I'm going on a vacation~ Today Yesterday (December 8th) I hoped on an hour long train from brooklyn to Manhattan and hopped on a bus that goes from Manhattan - Bosten. It was 4 hours. It DID have wifi, but it was slow and took ages to load. For 4 hours, I tried to sleep, but I really can't. Do I have bags under my eyes in the picture above? >:O
   Anyways, I'm sitting in a boston airport, waiting for my plane which arrives at 7 AM (it is currently about 6 am) and even better, we CAME to the airport at like....3AM because our bus was from about 10:30 pm to about 2:30 am, and we came early. Now my eyes are drooping and I keep "falling asleep" for a few seconds.
I want to write for you guys, and keep you updated, but im so sleepy!!! Thankfully, some weird Panda King keeps waking me up and yelling "Keep Writing!!!"

Wait, wait wait, lets back up the story to the interesting part. Yeah, me waiting for my plane isn't interesting. Actually, when I got here and turned on the airport's internet, it comes up to a web page. It's really cute -- here is the menu, get a good laugh -
24 Hours Of Wi-Fi For $7.95 USD
Watch A 30 Second Video For Free Unlimited Wi-Fi
Take A Short Survey For Free Unlimited Wi-Fi

Well, I don't know about you, but I chose the free one. I watched the video for 30 seconds and now I have unlimited wifi at this airport. I mean seriously, if you put a 30 second video for unlimited wifi, and a money order for only 24 hours of wifi... people are gonna choose the free one. Just saying ;) The wifi didn't work at first, and I kept begging the main computer until it did. Thankfully, I can tell you whats up now :)
Extra: Nooooooooo, don't leave yet!!! I still have to tell you what I'm doing today!!! My vacation, if they have wifi there, will be shared to you during the week. If not, then I'll tell you right now. Every year I go to Aruba (we have a timeshare) and spend time with all my animal friends. Usually, I take a New York airport (JFK Airport) but this year it was different ;    Brooklyn (my home) -----> Manhattan (bus station) ------> Boston (airport) -----> Aruba (vacation!!! But I'm waiting for my plane right now) So, just a warning if I'm not posting or online, go to Aruba and I'm there. Until I come back (or come to Aruba with wifi) Bye!   ~   Gab Laramie


  1. ╰☆╮ туяα ╰☆╮December 9, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    oh... so that's where my panda goes when i'm not around... :O have fun on your trip and hang in there with the sleep situation lol

  2. You spelled bosten wrong... boston**

  3. @tyra LOL thanks!!! I have wifi at my hotel in Aruba yayyyyy :D

    @ wtfff Sorry, I was in a hurry for my flight :)