Monday, December 12, 2011


I can't type, can't walk, can't ANYTHING. It all hurts. Sunburn :( But I Still Try <3 Before I begin, I'd like to refer to my earlier article - No Idea For A Title is not a fight. I'm just saying Maya is accusing me of something I'd never do. Anyways, this will be a short little article. :)

So, yesterday (since I brought MY MacBook I had to share with my mom) my mom went on the computer first. Some smart person in the hotel had charged her $350 for no reason, so we called the company and my mom was on the computer for an hour. After she finished, we went to the pool for another hour. But, when we came back, my internet wasn't working!!! >:O Turns out, the internet wasn't working for anyone. Since our hotels owns like this little "market place" with a bunch of stores all together that belong to the hotel, we went to Starbucks for internet. Even better, the little "market place" that our hotel owns uses the same wifi company, so the internet was down there too. We heard some stories about why the internet was down:
1) Some smart person spilled some water on the main generator
2) Power outage
3) Too lazy to do a special job to keep the generator going, so it shut off.

Lucky for us, it was fixed today!!! Yayyyyy!

P.P.S- Sweets* posted about Bam ringing her room every day. I would like to thank him as well, for ringing my room everyday. He must really love ringing! :) I would also like to thank Ashley Dicky (sadly an ex-friend) and my pico brother Dєmσn۝Shane and my pico daughter аpple who is very mad with my pico hubby for spamming her message board :P


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