Friday, January 20, 2012

Alert: Beware of fake Pico staff

Dear Readers,

This is a quick message to let you know about a type of scam that is going on in Pico.

This week, a player named Silly Kitten☆ has been sending messages players who nicely decorated rooms (with AG items).

In the messages Silly Kitten☆ claims to be a staff member for Pico who is in charge of AmebaGold. He/she asks for your Pico name and password in order to give you AmebaGold.

Silly Kitten☆ may change his/her name or appearance to try and hide their identity, but their scam will remain the same. Please be aware of this scam! DO NOT fall victim to it.

If you were to send someone like Silly Kitten☆ your info you would be giving them everything they need to access your account. They would then log in as you, change your password and keep your account forever. After all, it's filled with such great stuff.

If you are contacted by ANY Pico player asking you for password for any reason, take a picture of the message (if you don't know how to take a photo, click here) and email it to

Protect yourself and other by reporting scammers.

Pico staff members will NEVER ask for your password.

Photos courtesy of Timelordess

Note: If you have articles or messages for the Pico Perfect team of writers please send them to Gab Laramie at

Thank you.


  1. omg! some ppl are just evil!!! >:(

  2. Sooo many fake pico supports!! >:O