Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make Pico better ... ?

Chances are if you have been hanging out in Pico for a while you've noticed some ways that it could improve.

Tiffany Pink of the Pico Candy blog is trying to make some of her ideas become a reality by creating a petition. In looking out for the interests of other Pico players, Tiffany wants CyberAgent Inc (creators of Pico) to implement:
"... a Trading System, a Volunteer Helper/Monitor Program and an Official [social media intergrated] Game Forum is absolutely necessary to a large majority of its players."
Here are some excerpts of what Tiffany is proposing*:
Section 1) A Voluntary Helper/Monitor Program
There should be a program designed in a way where players become 'official helpers' (chosen by the Developers) and volunteer to accept the responsibility to participate in helping with keeping bullying, inappropriate and/or improper use of language, and cheaters/scammers to a low minimum ... Read more

Section 2) An Official Ameba Pico Forum
Players need a place where they can engage with each other and the Developers in an orderly fashion about problems, ideas, contests and other Pico related discussions ... Read more

Section 3) A VIP Membership
Adding a VIP membership option could revolutionize Ameba Pico. Have a monthly balance (amount is up to you) and with this VIP membership comes perks that only VIP players can access ... Read more

Section 4) A Trading/Selling Feature [VIP members ONLY]
REMINDER: This feature DOES NOT INCLUDE trading pocket items, pets, rooms, tokens, gold, gummies and C$.
VIP Players (read section 1) should have the options to sale and/or trade their items to/with other VIP players ... Read more
Does this seem like something you can get behind and support? If you answered 'Yes' ...
View and sign the petition

Note: If you have articles or messages for the Pico Perfect team of writers please send them to Gab Laramie at

Thank you.


  1. Wow! i had no idea you had written a story about the petition.. thnx a bunch!! XoXoXo!!! x3

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for taking the initiative to draft the petition. Best of luck.

  3. Everything but the VIP membership stuff sounds good. Pico is already full of people with superiority complexes. Becoming VIP would probably only heighten this. Everyone in Pico is VIP not just the AG purchasers. Pico would be so much better if all the little punks out there would just get over themselves and stop shitting on all the people that don't purchase AG.

  4. I think some of this is a good idea but I dont like the whole idea of the monthly balance because a lot of people have spent tons of money on this game and dont want to spend even more. I like the idea of trading but I think everyone should be able to do it I would love to be able to trade some of my ag clothes with other people that have some cool ag clothes. I have mroe then 1 of some ag clothes that I wold love to trade!

  5. I PLAY Pico because theres no "VIP". Almost every single game that DOES have one, the non-vip's can do almost nothing except walk around. They get the lamest of all things to be able to do. Like Moshi Monsters, people who are not VIP can only get to walk around the streets, really. And I agree with both the Anonymous's. Pico really kind of already has its VIP, AG. AG users, as they are called, already think they're king of the world. Most of them, anyways.

  6. Hey, can you PLEASE support my blog?? I'd really appreciate of you follow it!!! :)) thanks!

  7. i don't agree with the VIP thing..i think AG is enough, no VIP..Trading is a good idea, but don't make it for VIP only...i have played another virtual world game that has trading on it, and we can sell our unwanted stuff for a lot of money instead of just remove the item, I made a garage sale there and i got a lot of money from the sale..

  8. V.I.P would be very unfair, that's why I left club penguin a longggg time ago, anything but the V.I.P

  9. People already think them selfs as legends and so highly of them self, not only will the act more bratty, but no they have proof with VIP. I hate VIP, pico is the only fun social game without vip. Vip is annoying. If I wanted vip, I would have gone to Club Penguin. PSHHH.

  10. VIP IS A VERY BAD IDEA! Like that's the only reason I keep playing Pico! EVERY OTHER GAME HAS MEMBERSHIP OR VIP! And nobody really likes those kind of games. Don't make Pico like that.

  11. How about everyone can gift each other instead of trading?

  12. And sell your gummies and AG clothes for a FULL REFUND.

  13. I really like the whole idea of trading, but I think it's stupid that you only think that the "VIP" members should get to do it. Everyone here is right, the VIP idea is not good. No, it wouldn't "revolutionize" pico, it would only create a huge clique that excludes everyone who isn't a VIP. Let's face it, AG users are generally friends with other AG users and non-AG users are generally friends with other non-AG users. On very rare occasions have I seen the two mixed up. So let's try to reduce that, not spark it up even more.