Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New This New That

Ok, I can post images again!
Look it's Gaby again, all with a new shape + skin (on sl) thanks to Sweets*! That's her being crazy again (her eyes are crazy) as always!


Today, the room expansion came back! Pico closed it temporarily, so the people who hacked gummies and tokens couldn't run away! But now it's back! My pico hubby and I were in his room (on his 3rd acc, so his room is small) , when suddenly the room POPPED big! I started laughing, I haven't enlarged a room in so long. As he did room2 and room3 I COULDN'T get a picture, because he was rushing!!! But  in room4, I quickly took a snapshot!
Isn't it fun when your pico jumps during a room expansion? :P


The Śhieru Family

Haven't you heard? It's obvious because of my new name- Gaby Śhieru and I love the new family! It is becoming very popular, and I would like to thank all my members for that! ;)

Check out the link below for more info:


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