Monday, February 6, 2012

Are you a good Pico citizen?

Written by Chitina

As usual, we players log on everyday (or almost every day) to do our usual routine. Gain Gummies, have fun with your buddies, eat … you can generally do whatever you want in this game. Amid all the fun we're having sometimes we need a check-list to see if we’re still keeping our feet on the ground and treating others with respect.

Here's a check-list you may want to follow. Ask yourself:

1. Do I have haters?
This seems like an impossible thing to get for ordinary players like me. But of course, we can’t escape the world where haters are around every corner. They can be anyone; your best friend, your Pico crush, someone you just made friends with, the people in food parties, etc.

Hate can come from anyone. It’s a natural thing to get pissed off with somebody. But just because you have haters it doesn’t mean that you’re popular. If you look at it, you obviously have haters because someone is not happy with something that you have said or done.

The best way to avoid haters is to be humble. Even if you’re already a writer in a famous blog, that won’t be an excuse to enter a park with that automatic expectation that everyone will circle around you. NO. You are just as ordinary as everyone else here. Remember, if you have haters then that means you’ve been doing something that rubs people the wrong way.

2. Am I wearing simple clothes?
One way of showing your humility in the game is being simple. Please take note that being simple and beeing noobish is different. By simple I mean, you won’t necessarily wear all your AG-bought wigs and walk around a World Community Park with an overinflated sense of self-esteem. I mean, you’d not only look like a show-off, but you'd kind of look dumb.

Simple clothes can come from anything. Of course AG-bought clothes can still be considered to be simple. As long as you don’t wear it all at once. Which is obviously a big no-no.

I personally choose to wear a combination of Gummies, Token and AG clothes. Sometimes I wear casino items ... but NOT because they are "expensive". Just because it looks good on my Pico.

3. What the hell should my room look like?
Whatever you want it to be! Sometimes I enter a room and all these different AG d├ęcor is scattered around like a garage sale. Come on. You wouldn’t want your room to look ugly, right? Stick with your theme and your favorite stuff. If you like the color blue, then buy blue stuff. Overdecorate if you want. As long as you’re happy and feel at-home whenever you log on to Pico. Eventually you’ll get tired of your room design if you don’t decorate it to your liking.

Those are basically the 3 golden rules that I suggest you follow. Just always make sure you don’t step on anybody just for your own happiness.

A lot of players nowadays join too many families as well. If you want to, then go on. But really? What’s the point of having too many families when you’re not even equally active in all of them? Hmmm?

Besides, being simple takes a lot of sacrifice, but trust me, your life will be a lot more peaceful.

Disregard this post in its entirety if you always want to be the center of attention.

I admit that I don’t always follow some of the rules stated above. But please, just be a good citizen. It isn’t hard, really.

This post is made for all the players that had their heads already above the clouds. And before you post like, for example, a quote: "Be sure to always keep that in mind yourself. Stop being so fake for the audience".

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Thank you.


  1. i like the quote but who came up with it. thats what i'd like to know

  2. Having haters dont always mean chu are da one doing bad stuff. Sometimes people just gang up because they assholes. Like one little pico have a problem wif somebody, so they get ther little dumb friends to start harassing dat person. This post is judgmental. Wanting to show off your ameba gold stuff dont make you a bad pico, treating people like shit makes you a bad pico.

  3. i admit, i do wear all ag clothes with only a few gummie/token accessories mixed in, but i don't have an "over-inflated sense of self-esteem". I simply think it looks nice. also, what's wrong in showing off? i mean, just because we want others to know we have a certain clothing item or something doesn't make us a bad pico citizen unless we go an rub it in their faces or something like that. but most people don't do that. another thing, what reason is their for wearing simple clothes? its a virtual world, meant to do things that you can't/wouldn't do in the real world. you shouldn't limit your clothings sense just because of what other people think or other people saying that you look dumb. if you're happy with it, then wear it, and don't give a crap of what other people think.

  4. ^^ Exactly. this blog needs to get back to where it used to be. it was interesting and thoughtful. now just stupid and a battlefield. Ameba gold is fine if you chose to buy it and its fine if you dont. and everybody has haters of some kind you dont always have to do something wrong. who cares if you rub someone the "wrong way". thats really their problem. not yours. haters can get over it. they need to upgrade their writers.and by the way, saying people look dumb if they wear all ameba gold items kind of makes you a hater as well. just sayin.