Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ameba Pico High School Drama

Written by Bєℓℓα мḯṧт

Hi! My name is Bєℓℓα мḯṧт and I have this blog I really want people to see. The blog is based on a TV show I made about Pico. It's called Ameba Pico High School Drama. I even have a YouTube channel with a few videos!

The show is about 2 best friends named Christina (played by me) and Dani (played by my friend ... her Pico name is a bunch of spaces that you can't search). Their enemy is the popular girl of the school, Emma (played by ¢σσкïє мσηѕтα).

Other cast members are Christina's boyfriend Mikey (played by ḂḔᾸṼḔṘ๏313ツツツツ - my own Pico boyfriend!) and a new friend of the girls named Dawn (played by ArianaCassels.).

In the show the friends get through high school the hard way ... because mean girl Emma is always giving them a hard time. They always manage to get back at her when she does something to piss them off or embarrass them. Christina and Dani always stick together and remember not to give up.

Soon we *might* make an hour-long movie of the show. A possible storyline might be someone getting murdered. Gasp! I'm still thinking of how the movie would go.

Please follow along with our story! Thanks.

Note: If you have articles or messages for the Pico Perfect team of writers please send them to Gab Laramie at

Thank you.

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