Saturday, March 31, 2012

My welcoming to the blog ~Madi poo

    To start off with my first post I would love to introduce myself, my name is Madison. My name on pico is Madi poo. I have 1 big shout out to Gaby. If it was not for her I would not be here right now writing on this wonderful blog. Also for sweets to for agreeing that I can contribute to her blog. Me and Gaby met each other long ago like about 2 years ago at one of my events. It was an adoption center event and at the time Gaby was my daughter but soon we just became really good friends. I use to always check out Pico Perfect I was a really big fan of the blog but who isn't? I would love to say thank you.

                                                                        About Me
   Well to start off, I love Ameba Pico. It is my all time favorite Social Network game. I joined Ameba Pico about 2 years ago around the time I met Gaby. At the time me and Gaby had a little of AG stuff but to play and have friends on Ameba Pico you don't need AG clothes or AG items. You can simply own gummies stuff and make friends its your style be creative know one should judge others on how they look. My styles is simple. I may wear AG clothes but still I have gummie items in my inventory. If your wondering what I do for fun in real life well nothing. Actually if your saying WOW NOTHING! Well I actually am a couch potato. I hate going outside but my friends drag me outside and then we get stalked and so on and so on . I also do my homework. Normally what other people do in their ordinary life I eat, sleep, poop, and pea. My all time favorite thing to eat is COOKIES! Cookies are amazing but sadly apparently my friends telling me I can't eat cookies due to my braces . ;(  I eat them anyways though nothing can stop me from my addiction of cookies :3. Well that's all I have to say. Bye and thanks. See you in the pixel world. (;


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