Friday, March 30, 2012

A New Edition To The Family

Welcoming a new writer  Madi Poo!

Yes, we have a new edition to our amazing blogging family! Madi, also known as Ashley, will be writing her first post tomorrow, so stay tuned! She will be writing about any subject that comes to mind! You can find her on pico, her name is : Madi Poo

I expect you all to treat her like you would treat me or Sweets*

It would be nice if you keep your negative comments to yourself. Anyways, Ashley has a shiney personality and a fashion sense you will enjoy. I don't know about you, but I just can't WAIT and I'm jumping out of my seat until she posts!


Okay enough crazy exciting stuff, lets get to today's post! I was with Sweets* after Madi Poo, I'm gonna call her Ashley logged off. At first Sweets said she had to go so I said bye, but then she added to get props! SHE IS SUCH A TRICKSTER!!! >:o So we went to English Park 2. Today I'm gonna do some fashions I found in the park!

Lets start off with Joe from Jamaica! I think his look is so Anime! Don't you think? Oh.. I feel like a little creeper since he is AFK, but I think I'm always a creeper? O.O Heheeehehehehehehe.... Anyways, his look is so simple, he looks ADORABLE! Props!

Next off is Ako Hatsune from Canada, who reminds me of a vampire. Maybe it is her gothic lolita style. Black and red is vampire-ish?????? Or maybe it is her ruby-like eyes which are red as...blood? O.O Well whatever it is, she looks beautiful. Props from me!!

MORE ruby red eyes! But this time they are used to match with pink, creating a cute girly look. I think BЄ ♡ J ᗩ ﬡ ᗩ ♡ from the Philippines is so adorable, she can be a doll! I actually got to take a picture of her when she wasn't repeating: LIKE MY URL. I feel lucky...I think!

Well that's all for today now! I may post later though!! I don't know yet. :P Well have a happy pico life! Gaby Śhieru in and out!

Our last pico has a very cute fashion sense! Hmmm... who is this? It is our very own Sweets* from the USA (duh). LOL   She and I were wearing matching bunny-and-shorts outfits. Funny how in her profile it still shows her last gothic look. <3

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