Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Second Anniversary Items

Yeah this post might be a little late, but at least SOME of the items are still on pico!

2nd Anniversary Items
Happy 2nd Birthday Pico!

Lets start with the 2nd Anniversary Star Items.
For girls, it includes a dazzling dress a cute tiara!
For guys, it includes an amazing blue tuxedo, with a hat!
These items can be found at the 2nd Anniversary Park.

Next off is the ALREADY FINISHED "surprise" gift boxes that pico gave out. Last year you only got a few little items, but this year with just one box you get a whole outfit. There were 2 boxes: red and blue, which represented the color of the outfits.

These can also be found in the second anniversary park. :)


Next off are the outfits that got everyone talking - the Cherry and Milk items. No one really knows why Pico decided to have these foods represent their birthday, but the items were very cute! Obviously, items were released with cherries and milk related designs. In my opinion, pico focused more on "milk", because while cherry only had 2 items, milk had 4.
Once again, these items are still here and can be found at the second anniversary park. :)))


Yes, in this article I am NOT including the items from the Circus Gacha, because even though they were Anniversary Items, I feel that it was just a clown gacha. Though, I will post a picture just incase you want to get an idea of some of the winning items. The complete item of the gacha was a lion suit, which I sadly didn't get. Oh well!

And, of course, pico put these items in the second anniversary park.


Sorry if the pictures were very small. I tried making a new type of format for my articles. Do you think it's cute with little people on the sides? Please comment and give your opinion! :) It means a lot!!!

Thank You! - Gaby Śhieru

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