Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Warm Welcome

Hello readers of Pico Perfect! You may know me as Gab Laramie, but my new name on Ameba Pico is Gaby Śhieru. I apologize that I am very busy with my studies, leaving me only a few minutes to log into Pico. Even now, I am writing this post from my new iPhone.

Anyways, enough talk about me, how is everyone in Pico? Ameba Pico has been giving many casino challenges, and realeasing a new one right after the one prior ends. Many Picos are now proud owners of scooters thanks to casino challenge. Most of them were slot challenges, and this week we have the 2nd casino challenge to ever be based on Blackjack. The amount needed to be reached was 400,000C$, and in the end you would be left with a bunny outfit, a bunny couch, a bunny wall, a bunny floor, and casino stones if you haven't already used them. The day the challenge came out, I ran to the blackjack casino and started playing. After completing the third challenge I went offline. Later that day, I got on and continued until I got the outfit. I must say, that bunny costume is very warm and perfect for the winter! Thanks my little Dum Dum (IDuhmmy)for modeling the casino challenge outfit with me!

Why is my new name Gaby Śhieru? Most of the Laramie members are inactive or have deleted me. In late November, a miracle happened. I met "Ciel Shieru" a long time ago, but in that November she became my Pico twin. And, to this day, we are still twins and have never fought. Though, she was banned in December due to a mistake made by Pico, but they unbanned her. A few days before she got banned, Ciel and I created the Śhieru family. (Shieru is Ciel in Japanese). The first member we got was Joan Śhieru, who is still with us today. Back then, she helped us make the blog and Fanpage. (Links for blog and fanpage on the bottom) What started off with 3 members now has 30 fully-active members. Even though the family is closed, you can check out our page or try out for Special Śhieru!

Well sorry I don't write so much. But I hope this was enough for today! See you soon! Hugs and Kisses ~ Gaby Śhieru

Link For Śhieru Family Fanpage:
Link For Śhieru Family Blog:

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