Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cyber Bullying!~

  Hello everybody today I would love to talk about Cyber Bullying its not right you should always treat others with respect. I am doing this topic today because one of our writers here on picoperfect is being bullied her name will stay anonymous. Bullying has been going on for years and years and every year it is getting stronger excpessialy with Cyber Bullying. Cyber Bullying is where you are being bullied online. Getting bullied is no fun it actually is hurting you inside you have a low self-esteem if you are a bully. My teacher would always say, "What if one day the person being bullied was to become something like a doctor or your boss well the bully would be thinking oh man I bullied these people years ago they might not help me now." Well everyone should be treated right here on picoperfect all of us writers are consider family also our readers are our family's we are the producers you are the consumers. We all should come together and try to stop bullying you wouldn't want to be bullied now would you? Think what you say to others also think how would you want to be treated you cant get respect you earn it. ~Madi Poo(:
*Note people that are getting bullied are hurt really bad some people are weaker than others not everyone is strong not everyone is weak.
*If you are feeling sad have a friend by your side to help you through the times of being bullied you never know they could be going through the same thing you are going through.

  • If you are being bullied tell an adult first its not bad to see an adult if you are being bullied.
  • If you cant contact an adult or they are not paying attention to the problem I suggest telling a Friend to help you out friends are really great to have they stick up for you no matter what if they don't then they are not a true friend
  • Also you can contact your school councilor for problems with bullying they Will be glad to help you with your needs
  • Their are many types of bullying so make sure you tell an adult or friend the right kind of bullying so they can solve your problem as soon as possible


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  1. from my point of view,
    cyber bullying, is nothing more than envy ...
    envious of the things that are done well
    and for some reason these stalkers are so dumb they can not do more to attack and criticize

    desde mi punto de vista,
    el acoso cibernetico, no es mas que envidia...
    envidia a las cosas que se hacen bien
    y que por alguna razon esos acosadores son tan tontos que no pueden hacer mas que atacar y criticar