Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools!

Happy April Fools Day! This is a day where you can fool whoever you want, and as my grandmother says "Don't believe anyone or anything on April Fools"

What pranks have we gotten on pico so far? Two very large ones, in which one I was involved in.

1. New Machine That Transforms Gummies Into AG And AG Into Gummies!
Now really, would that ever happen? A few weeks ago, my friend Steve194™  from Pico Talk sent me a picture on pico of a machine that had ag and gummies with arrows coming from each other. I got excited, until he told me it was for april fools. So until this day we had been planning what to do. When Steve posted his leaks on Pico Talk, he posted the machine. EVERYONE believed it. I posted it on my page too. Finally, we had to let out that it was a prank.

2. Does everyone know the etoile twin sisters? Well a few hours before april fools, they got into a really big fight on their fanpage. Then at 12am they announced "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS"That really got everyone.

Well then, enjoy your pranking!

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